Chapter 1420

Chapter 1420: Sound Thrashing

“Is that so? I don’t remember,” Dustin replied calmly.

“I’ll ask you again, do you know who I am?” Silas inquired.

“I just found out a moment ago, you’re from the Bryant family, Mr. Silas, a Second-Grade Dragonmarsh General,” Dustin answered.

“Since you know my name and position, why aren’t you afraid?” Silas found it puzzling.

Ordinary people would tremble in fear upon seeing him, but this young man appeared unruffled, as if he didn’t care.

“Why should I be afraid?” Dustin responded calmly. “Stonia is a place with rules. Your nephew, Ian, initiated the fight and eventually admitted defeat. Everyone here can testify. Your Bryant family belongs to the Stonia royal family, and you shouldn’t use your status to bully others, right?”

“Hmm… you have a sharp tongue,” Silas remarked. “But what you said is correct. Ian lost due to his own lack of skill, and my Bryant family won’t take advantage of our position. However, you can’t get away with beating a member of my Bryant family so easily.”

“So, what do you plan to do?” Dustin asked in return.

“We’ll get up from where we fell,” Silas said calmly. “Three days from now, you’ll have another fight with our Bryant family members. Life and death will depend on fate. Do you dare?”

When the younger generation lost face, they naturally had to regain it. The Bryant family took fighting seriously.

“Since you’re so interested, I’ll accompany you to the end, but we need to raise the stakes a bit,” Dustin added.

“Oh? What kind of stakes are you talking about?” Silas rubbed his chin.

“It’s simple. If I win, your Bryant family will have to help me with something,” Dustin proposed.

“Win? Hahaha…” Silas laughed. “Kid, do you even know what you’re saying? Do you think all the members of my Bryant family are pushovers?”

Ian’s martial prowess ranked only tenth among the younger generation of the Bryant family members. The truly exceptional talents were carefully nurtured by the family and rarely appeared in public.

How could an unknown young man like him compete with the Bryant family’s carefully groomed talents?

“Mr. Silas, I’ll ask you again. Are you willing to make the bet?” Dustin remained composed.

“You want to make a bet, huh? Fine! I’ll play with you until the end!” Silas agreed readily but then shifted the conversation. “However, what will you do if you lose?”

“If I lose, I’ll leave it up to you to decide,” Dustin replied.

“Good! Deal! See you in three days!” Silas smirked.

With that, Silas ordered his men to withdraw.


Seeing this, Roselyn turned anxious and rushed forward, urging, “Lord Silas, please don’t be deceived by him. This guy is trying to trick you. If you let him go today, he’ll escape tomorrow!”

“Are you teaching me how to do things?” Silas’s expression darkened.

“Your highness, you hold a high position, but you may not know how treacherous people can be. I know Dustin very well; he’s cunning, crafty, and utterly shameless. You mustn’t trust him!” Roselyn tried to persuade him earnestly.

“My Bryant family will find anyone, even if they run to the ends of the earth,” Silas replied coldly.

“But…” Roselyn was about to say more, but Silas interrupted by slapping her hard across the face, scolding, “Are you done? Daring to point fingers and make judgments in front of me? Have you had enough? Get out of here!”

The slap was heavy, and it sent Roselyn stumbling to the ground, his vision filled with stars. Her face swelled visibly, her mouth crooked, and blood flowed.

“Lord Silas! Please, calm down!”

Seeing the situation, Carlos immediately ran forward, trying to explain. “I am a member of the Grantwood family. This lady is my apprentice. Please, show her some mercy. Don’t trouble her.”

“Mercy?” Silas’s eyes widened, and he slapped Carlos across the face once more. “Who do you think you are? Do you dare to ask me for mercy?”

“No more… No more…” Carlos covered his face, looking panicked.

“Too late!”

Silas waved his hand and ordered, “Men, arrest these two troublemakers and give them a sound thrashing, eighty strokes each! Keep going until they’re incapacitated!”

With that command, Carlos’s legs gave way, and he collapsed to the ground, his face ashen.


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