Chapter 1424

Chapter 1424: Backlash

“The creatures I raise require regular feeding with the owner’s essence blood. Over time, a certain connection is established. Once they succeed, I can immediately sense it,” the man in black robes explained.

“That’s quite mystical,” Isabela raised an eyebrow.

“This is occult knowledge. Someone like you, a young lady from a wealthy family, naturally wouldn’t understand its mysteries,” the man in black robes said, feigning profundity.

“If there’s a successful connection, what if it fails?” Isabela asked again.


Hearing this, the man in black robes furrowed his brow slightly.

Was this woman deliberately looking for trouble?

“How could that be?” Owen quickly intervened, sensing the tension. “Isabela, don’t overthink it. Master Hudson’s occult knowledge is exceptional, and his methods are foolproof. There’s no way he could fail.”

“Just in case. I mean, what if,” Isabela immediately added.

“Hmph! There’s no ‘what if’!” The man in black robes’ expression darkened, and he said coldly, “As long as that kid isn’t made of metal and has no spiritual protection, he’s destined for a calamity!”

“I don’t understand all these things. I just want to know if there would be a response in case of failure,” Isabela persisted.


The man in black robes was getting a bit annoyed.

Was she made of wood? Couldn’t she understand plain language?

He had already said it wouldn’t fail, yet she kept digging for details.

“Don’t get angry, Master Hudson. Isabela is just curious,” Owen tried to defuse the situation.

She’s truly a pampered young lady, completely lacking in insight.


The man in black robes picked up his wine glass, drained it in one gulp, and then slammed it onto the table. He said coldly, “If, by some chance, it really fails, then it’s my lack of skill, and I’ll deserve any backlash!”

“Backlash? What kind of backlash?” Isabela continued to inquire.

“It could range from dizziness to weakness for three days,” the man in black robes said with a deep voice.

“I see,” Isabela nodded, suddenly understanding.

It was confirmed that there would indeed be a response in case of failure.

“Miss Isabela, are you satisfied now?” The man in black robes’ face looked a bit unpleasant.

“Master Hudson, please don’t misunderstand. I was just asking casually,” Isabela smiled.


The man in black robes was about to say something when his expression suddenly froze. “I sense it now. The poison creature is becoming restless. It should be getting close to its target.”


Hearing this, Isabela and Owen immediately became alert, staring intently, awaiting further information.

“It’s getting closer… It’s almost succeeding!”

The man in black robes closed his eyes, carefully sensing, and his emotions became somewhat excited.

“Come on… just a little more.”

The man in black robes muttered to himself.

Isabela and Owen had their hearts in their throats.

“Ha… it’s done…”

Suddenly, the man in black robes opened his eyes, about to share the good news, when his body suddenly trembled violently as if struck by lightning!

The next moment, the man in black robes “puh” and spewed a mouthful of blood.

His whole body rolled over, collapsing to the ground.



Seeing this scene, Isabela and Owen were left dumbfounded.

They stared at each other, wide-eyed and puzzled.

What just happened? Weren’t they on the verge of success? Why did he start vomiting blood?


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