Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425: venomous creatures

“Master Hudson!”

Realizing the situation, Owen immediately helped him up.

They called for help and even tried acupressure techniques, but the man in black robes didn’t wake up. Instead, he started convulsing violently, with blood streaming from his nose, making the scene especially frightening.

“What’s wrong with Master Hudson? Could it be that he’s possessed by an evil spirit?” Isabela widened her eyes.

He had been perfectly fine just a moment ago, and suddenly he collapsed, exhibiting bizarre convulsions. It was truly inexplicable.

“Quick! Get him to the hospital!”

Owen grew frantic and quickly ordered the servants to carry the man out of the house. They rushed him to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Master Hudson wasn’t an ordinary person; he came from the Witchcraft Sect. If he were to die in the Stratford family’s care, it would undoubtedly lead to enormous trouble.

As the night deepened, inside a hospital room in South City:

After a round of emergency treatment, the man in black robes finally stabilized.

Owen paced back and forth in the room, looking somewhat anxious.

On the other hand, Isabela leisurely enjoyed a banana, appearing completely uninterested in the fate of Master Hudson.

She couldn’t care less about whether Master Hudson lived or died; her primary concern was whether he had accomplished what he was supposed to.

“Owen, don’t be nervous. Master Hudson is an expert; nothing serious will happen to him,” Isabela said calmly.

“That’s easy to say, but the situation just now was too frightening. If something were to happen to Master Hudson, we’d be in big trouble,” Owen said with a furrowed brow.

“What kind of trouble could there be? He’s just a sorcerer. With our two major families in control, we have nothing to fear,” Isabela dismissed.
In this region of South City, the Torby and Stratford families held supreme authority. While sorcerers were rare, their combined resources could easily hire multiple sorcerers for any task.

“Isabela, things aren’t as simple as you think…”

Owen began to explain when suddenly, the man lying on the hospital bed began to cough a few times. Slowly, he opened his eyes.

“Master Hudson, you’re finally awake!”

Owen’s eyes lit up, and he eagerly approached, asking, “How are you? Are you okay?”

“Where am I? How did I end up here?” The man in black robes rubbed his temple, his mind still a bit foggy.

“Master Hudson, you fainted and coughed up blood earlier. Don’t you remember?” Owen was perplexed.

“Coughed up blood? Fainted?”

Furrowing his brow, the man in black robes began to recall the events.

Then, as if he remembered something, his face suddenly changed dramatically, and a hint of fear appeared in his eyes.

“Oh my!”

The man in black robes exclaimed in terror, threw off the blanket, and bolted out of bed, stumbling all the way.

His panicked behavior seemed as if he had seen a ghost.


Watching the man’s strange actions, Owen was momentarily stunned. He quickly followed and blocked his path, asking, “Master Hudson, what’s going on? Why are you running like this?”

“If I don’t run, am I waiting to die?”

The man in black robes turned and shouted, “Owen, oh, Owen, you’ve gotten me into big trouble this time! Do you know who we’re dealing with? It’s an incredibly powerful entity! They could crush us with a flick of their finger!”


As soon as these words were uttered, Owen stood frozen on the spot, his face filled with shock. He exclaimed, “Master Hudson, are you not kidding?”

“Do I look like I’m joking with you?” The man in black robes was visibly anxious.

He had remembered.

When he was directing the venomous creatures to attack their target, he suddenly experienced an incredibly intense backlash. He had never encountered such a situation before, and it caused him to cough up blood and lose consciousness.


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