Chapter 1426

Chapter 1426: Master of Mysticism

“Incredible! You two have no idea of the extent of your ignorance!” The man in black robes said indignantly. “The person who caused me to cough up blood is by no means an ordinary individual. You’ve been frightened out of your wits for no reason! His power far exceeds your imagination! If I were you, I’d immediately stop what I’m doing and offer a sincere apology to that person. Otherwise, once that formidable figure becomes furious, you’ll regret it beyond words!”

He came from the Cult of Witchcraft and knew very well what such a severe backlash implied. It meant that the other person was, at the very least, a master of mysticism. Perhaps even more powerful!

“Master Hudson, don’t be so alarmist,” Isabela retorted. “Dustin is just a doctor. What could he possibly do? You’ve exaggerated this to the extreme. If this nobody managed to scare you so much, I have to question whether you have any real abilities.”

“Exactly,” Owen chimed in. “We know exactly who Dustin is, and he’s far from being as formidable as you claim.”

“A nobody like you managed to scare you to the point of coughing up blood,” Isabela continued, “and now you’re trying to scare us with your baseless stories? You’re just a charlatan who’s lost his touch.”

The man in black robes clenched his fists in frustration, his face red with anger. He had risked his life to give them a warning, and this was how they responded.

“Master Hudson, calm down. Perhaps there’s a misunderstanding,” Owen hastily tried to defuse the situation. “I believe Dustin certainly doesn’t possess such abilities. Could it be that there was a mistake on your part that led to your injury?”

“Impossible!” the man in black robes immediately refuted. “My methods have always been infallible; I’ve never made a mistake before. This time, I truly encountered an exceptional individual!”

“Hmph! Never made a mistake before? That’s laughable,” Isabela scoffed. “In just a few days, you’ve already made two mistakes. What face do you have to claim your methods are infallible? From my perspective, you’re just incompetent!”

“You… You’ve gone too far!” The man in black robes was about to erupt in anger, but his emotions got the best of him, and he coughed up blood once more, nearly falling to the ground.

“Master Hudson!”

Owen rushed to help, but the man in black robes pushed him away, saying coldly, “I’ve said all I needed to. If you don’t believe me, you’ll have to face the consequences yourselves.”

With that, he stumbled out of the hospital room without looking back.

“This so-called ‘Master’ is nothing more than a charlatan!” Isabela sneered. “In just a few days, he’s made two mistakes already. It’s ridiculous. In my opinion, he’s simply incompetent!”

“Hmph! What a bunch of nonsense,” she continued. “He’s already warned us, and if we choose not to listen, it’s our own fault.”

“Isabela, I have a feeling that something is a miss with this situation,” Owen said, trying to be cautious.

“What’s there to investigate?” Isabela replied. “He’s just a countryside guy. What kind of waves can he make? If you’re not willing to take action, I’ll find someone myself. I won’t trouble you.”

“Seeing you put it that way, it’s my honor to help my precious one,” Owen said, wrapping his arm around her waist and smiling. “Rest assured, tomorrow I’ll spare no expense to find another expert and make sure Dustin pays the price!”

“That’s more like it,” Isabela replied with a smile.

Any man who had rejected her would never have a good ending.


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