Chapter 1427

Chapter 1427: Business World

At midnight, Dustin bid farewell to Natasha and returned to his villa in the southern part of the city.

Although they felt reluctant to part, they couldn’t afford to draw too much attention to their relationship. Dustin’s mission was too dangerous, and he didn’t want Natasha to be implicated.

So, from now on, they could either meet in secret or keep their encounters to a minimum. As the granddaughter of the Duke of Duncan, Natasha was too conspicuous. Spending too much time together would risk exposing their relationship.

The night passed quickly.

The next day, in the early morning, Dustin got up and headed to the Imperial Tower to meet with Hazel.

At the same time, same place, and same private room, they sat facing each other, sipping tea and chatting.

“Young man, regarding our cooperation, I have obtained the support of my family. In the time to come, the Lancaster Clan will invest its full strength in jointly developing and promoting the Jade Dew Cream,” Hazel said.

“That’s a wise choice,” Dustin replied with a slight smile, unsurprised by the decision. Given such an excellent opportunity, any family with ambition wouldn’t easily let it slip away.

“In addition, I’ve already arranged the pharmaceutical factory, medicinal herbs, and pharmacists. We can officially begin production today. However, we still have two challenges to overcome,” Hazel continued.

“Oh? What challenges are those?” Dustin asked.

“First, the prescription you provided is too difficult for ordinary pharmacists. The success rate is low, and the quality is hard to guarantee,” Hazel brought up the issue.

“That’s simple. Select a group of pharmacists with good comprehension and trustworthiness, and I’ll personally teach them. It will only take three days, and they’ll be capable of working independently,” Dustin replied with confidence.

“That would be ideal,” Hazel nodded. “Now, let’s talk about the second challenge. In the Southern City area, the pharmaceutical business is dominated by the Stratford family. They have a monopoly on reputation, connections, influence, and resources. Our Lancaster Clan is significantly weaker in comparison. Especially after collaborating with the Torby family, the Stratford family’s dominance is even more unshakeable. With our Jade Dew Cream having superior effects and lower prices, it won’t matter. If we release the product, dealers won’t buy from us if the Stratford family simply hints that they shouldn’t.”

The business world heavily values personal relationships and connections.

“The Stratford family has a firm foothold in the pharmaceutical market, and with the influence of the Torby family, it’s unrealistic for us to compete directly with them,” Hazel explained. “Right now, we need to find an alternative approach.”

“So, do you have any suggestions?” Dustin didn’t answer directly but asked another question.

“My suggestion is to start with the other three major districts and cooperate with other prominent families,” Hazel replied. “This way, we can share the pressure with multiple allies, and our future development will be smoother.”

She understood that Jade Dew Cream, a top-tier external wound medicine, was a huge opportunity. It was a piece of cake too big for the Lancester Clan to swallow alone. Sharing it with others would be the wisest choice.

“That’s a good idea. I’ve also considered that approach. We should start with other districts, find a powerful ally, open up the market, and then move on to encircle the Stratford and Torby families,” Dustin nodded in agreement.

“Hehe… it seems we think alike!” Hazel playfully blinked her eyes.

“Do you have any suitable candidates?” Dustin acted as if he hadn’t noticed.

“Among the Eight Great Clans, the only family that can compete with the Stratford family in the field of medicine and is relatively reliable is the Thompson family in the East District,” Hazel provided the answer.

“The Thompson family? One of the Top Four Clans?” Dustin raised an eyebrow.

“That’s right.”


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