Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428: A Strong Preference for Men

Hazel smiled and said, “Among the Eight Great Clans, the Langford, Thompson, Green, and Turner families are at the forefront, with the Torby, Stratford, Parker, and Sterling families slightly behind. As long as we can form an alliance with the Thompson family, dealing with the Torby and Stratford families will be much easier.”

“Very well, let’s go with the Thompson family,” Dustin nodded and praised her, “It seems you’ve done your homework. Have you already contacted someone in the Thompson family?”

“You’re indeed sharp,” Hazel playfully smiled. “You guessed it right. I’ve already found a target in the Thompson family. As long as we convince him, cooperation won’t be a problem.”

“Oh? Who is this person?” Dustin was curious.

“He is the youngest son of the Thompson family’s patriarch, Samuel Thompson!” Hazel said.

“Samuel Thompson?” Dustin raised an eyebrow. “That name is quite unique.”

“Young man, don’t underestimate him,” Hazel said with a smirk. “Samuel Thompson is the apple of the Thompson family’s eye. He is pampered by every member of the family from top to bottom.”

“So impressive? Does Mr. Samuel have any exceptional qualities?” Dustin became even more curious.

“Of course!” Hazel smiled. “Mr. Samuel’s exceptional quality is that he was born into the right family. The patriarch of the Thompson family had more than a dozen daughters before finally having Samuel Thompson when he was old enough to know his destiny. As the only son of the Thompson family, Mr. Samuel has been showered with love and attention since the day he was born. He’s treated like a precious gem, carried carefully and handled delicately. Grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, and even his more than a dozen sisters all dote on him immensely. Just think about it, what kind of weight does such a person carry in the Thompson family?”

Listening to the description, Dustin couldn’t help but look intrigued. Having more than a dozen daughters and finally getting a son was indeed an unusual situation, especially in a prominent family. Samuel seemed to have hit the jackpot from the moment he was born.

With such a status and upbringing, he didn’t need to compete or connive with others. Starting from his birth, he became the heir of a prestigious family and the object of everyone’s affection.

His position and status were even more comfortable than being born into royalty.

“So, are you satisfied with the choice I made?” Hazel asked with a smile.

“Nobody is more suitable than him,” Dustin raised his thumb.

As long as he convinced Samuel, the Thompson family’s side would naturally not be a problem.

“Young man, don’t get too excited too soon. Samuel has been pampered since childhood, and his personality is a bit unique, difficult for ordinary people to understand, so I’m not confident,” Hazel shook her head.

“Regardless, we have to give it a try. Cater to his preferences, and perhaps we can make some progress,” Dustin said.

“It will depend on your abilities,” Hazel said with a meaningful smile. “I’ve already inquired. Samuel is coming to Emperor’s Pavilion for breakfast today. It should be almost time. Show your best.”

“Me?” Dustin was taken aback.

“Of course,” Hazel smirked. “Samuel has a unique personality and unique interests. I’ve heard he dislikes women but has a strong preference for men. You look so handsome, with such a good physique. As long as you make a little sacrifice, I believe there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Dustin’s eye twitched, and he almost couldn’t hold back a curse.

This woman, she must be doing this on purpose.

“Well… he’s here now. Good luck,” Hazel said.


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