Chapter 1429

Chapter 1429: Client’s Father Happy

“Here… the person has arrived. Good luck to you,” Hazel suddenly grinned mischievously and pointed in a certain direction with her delicate chin.

Dustin followed her gaze and saw a young man dressed in elegant attire, with clear eyebrows and bright eyes, gracefully ascending to the second floor like the center of the universe.

The man had long hair, held a folding fan, and walked with a confident stride. He exuded the charm of a classic handsome hero from ancient times.

Around him, a group of bodyguards and servants followed closely, providing constant protection. Anyone attempting to get close was blocked.

If anyone made any suspicious moves, they might be dealt with on the spot.

“How is he? Doesn’t he look good? If you really go for it, you won’t lose out,” Hazel said, stifling a laugh with her hand.

Her excitement couldn’t be concealed.

A showdown between two men, how thrilling.

She had to find an opportunity to sneakily take some pictures and enjoy them later.

“Miss Hazel, could you please be more serious?” Dustin said irritably.

What was this woman thinking?

“I’m being serious! It’s business, after all. We need to make the client’s father happy,” Hazel winked playfully.

“Let me make it clear in advance, I won’t sell my body,” Dustin said firmly.

“Well, that will depend on your abilities. If you can convince Samuel, there won’t be a need to sacrifice your looks,” Hazel chuckled.

“Why do I feel like you’re deliberately setting a trap for me to fall into?” Dustin looked at her strangely.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’m a serious woman and don’t enjoy looking at such lewd things,” Hazel said seriously, but her eyes curved into crescent moons as she smiled.

“Alright, I’ll go over and test the waters.”

Dustin took a deep breath, finished his tea in one gulp, and then stood up, walking towards the private room on the opposite side.

Inside Samuel’s private room at that moment, a group of bodyguards stood guard both inside and outside, not allowing any strangers to get close. Even the waitstaff who delivered tea and dishes could only stop at the door, where Samuel’s servants would inspect the items for poison before bringing them inside personally.

The entire process was very meticulous and smooth, eliminating any risks.

“Halt! Who are you?!”

Dustin had just approached when he was blocked by several bodyguards at the door.

Burly figures, like solid doors, obstructed Dustin’s view, making it difficult for him to see the situation inside the room.

“May I ask if the young master of the Thompson family is inside?” Dustin asked politely.

“Even if he is, what’s it to you? Our young master doesn’t see outsiders. Please leave immediately!”

The guards at the door were vigilant, their tone stern.

As they spoke, their hands moved to their waists, showing a high level of alertness. If Dustin made any sudden movements, they would draw their guns to eliminate the threat.

“There’s no need to be nervous, gentlemen. I mean no harm.”

Dustin raised his hand slowly, indicating that he posed no threat, and said, “I came here today out of curiosity, mainly to discuss a business opportunity with Mr. Samuel. I believe he would be very interested.”


The guards exchanged glances and then started to size up Dustin.

He did look good, the type their young master liked.

However, his background was unclear, and that didn’t matter how good-looking he was.

“If you want to see our young master, you need to submit a written request, state your identity, and wait for our verification. Only then will our young master decide whether to meet with you,” one of the bodyguards replied.

“Is it that complicated?” Dustin furrowed his brow slightly.


The bodyguard snorted, “There are countless people who want to meet our young master every day. If you think it’s too complicated, then don’t bother!”

Who did he think he was kidding?

The Thompson family was a top-tier aristocratic clan, and their young master was the sole heir. It wasn’t easy to just request a meeting.

“Gentlemen, I have urgent matters to discuss with Mr. Samuel. I kindly request that you inform him,” Dustin said, bowing slightly.


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