Chapter 1430

Chapter 1430: A Business Opportunity

“Regardless of the matter, it must be done according to the rules!” The bodyguard refused firmly.

“Very well, I’ll speak directly with Mr. Samuel.”

“Gentlemen, my apologies.”

Dustin said sorry and then raised one hand.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”

A row of silver needles shot out, accurately hitting the necks of several bodyguards.

The bodyguards immediately stiffened, immobilized, unable to move or even make a sound, their eyes the only things they could move.

Their expressions were filled with astonishment.

“A necessary measure, please understand.”

Dustin bowed slightly, then pushed past the two immobilized guards and stepped into the room.

As he entered the private room, a sharp gaze immediately locked onto him, accompanied by a chilling aura.


In the next moment, a black steel knife, carrying a fierce blade aura, viciously slashed toward Dustin’s neck.

Dustin raised an eyebrow and instinctively took a step back.

The blade narrowly missed his throat, sending a bone-chilling sensation that made his hair stand on end.


The open room door was cut into pieces by the blade, and even the wall behind it bore a long, deep gash.

This swift and fierce strike was nearly impossible to defend against for anyone below the level of a Grandmaster.


The person wielding the blade let out a puzzled sound, seemingly surprised that Dustin had managed to evade the lethal strike.

Just as she was about to deliver a second strike, Dustin quickly spoke up, “Wait! I have business to discuss with Mr. Samuel.”


Without any hesitation, the person swung the blade for a second time.

This strike was even faster, fiercer, and more ruthless, clearly possessing the strength of a Martial Grandmaster!


A lazy voice sounded.

The black steel knife suddenly stopped mid-air with a “buzz,” its blade, as sharp as cutting iron like mud, less than ten centimeters away from Dustin’s neck.

Dustin let out a sigh of relief.

If they continued like this, someone might get hurt, and it wouldn’t end well.


The long knife was sheathed.

Dustin could now see clearly that the person wielding the blade was actually a young woman in her twenties.

She was dressed in martial attire, with a stern expression and sharp eyes.

Her entire body exuded a chilling aura.

Most importantly, despite her young age, she was a Martial Grandmaster.

At her age, with such innate talent and strength, even in the competitive city of Stonia, she would be considered among the very best.

To have a gifted Martial Grandmaster as a personal bodyguard indicated how much the Thompson family valued Samuel.

“To evade Anna’s strike is proof enough that you’re not an ordinary person,” Samuel said calmly, sitting in his chair, holding a fan and gently swaying it. He looked Dustin up and down, clearly showing increased interest. “Risking your life to see me, tell me, what is it that you want?”

“I came here today uninvited, mainly to discuss a business opportunity with you,” Dustin replied with a slight smile.

“Business?” Samuel asked. “It’s not another investment scheme, is it? I may have a lot of money, but I’m not foolish.”

“You misunderstand, Mr. Samuel,” Dustin explained. “The business I want to discuss doesn’t require you to invest a single cent. It only requires access to the Thompson family’s connections to open up a market.”

“Oh? What makes you think I would help you?” Samuel raised an eyebrow, his interest piqued. “Or is there something special about you that can attract my attention?”


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