Chapter 1438

Chapter 1438


So stupid!

“Yo! Is there a guest?”

At this time, Samuel Thompson suddenly brought someone in.

Holding a folding fan in his hand, he strolls in the courtyard, still so personable.

The female grandmaster Anna followed closely behind, her fierce eyes shooting around, alert to any threats around her.

“Samuel, why are you here?”

Seeing the person coming, Helen Thompson couldn’t help but soften her expression.

“Elder Sister, haven’t you eaten yet? I specially packed some food for you from the Emperor Pavilion. You should try it first.”

Samuel Thompson took the food box that Anna handed over, and then placed the food inside on the desk one by one.

Six dishes and one soup, with meat and vegetables, full of color, flavor and taste.

“Little Treasure has a heart, big sister really didn’t love you for nothing.” Helen Thompson immediately smiled.

The troubles just now were swept away.

She is very pleased to have such a sensible brother.

“Elder Sister, is there something important for these two to visit?”

Samuel Thompson looked at Owen Stratford and Isabela.

As children of a wealthy family, he naturally knew the two of them, but not very well.

“It’s all about business, but they didn’t reach an agreement.” Helen Thompson explained.

“You are the young master of the Thompson family, right?”

Isabela took two steps forward and said confidently: “We have recently developed a rejuvenation ointment, which is very effective and will soon dominate the market. We originally wanted to cooperate with the Thompson family, but your eldest sister didn’t know how to promote it and refused. It is a very stupid decision to reject our invitation, I hope you can inform the top management of the Thompson family to reconsider our proposal.”

“Refused to cooperate?”

Samuel Thompson looked at his elder sister, then at Isabela, and asked tentatively, “How much do you plan to give our Thompson family?”

“I’ll give you ten percent of the profit.” Isabela stretched out a finger.

“How much? Ten percent?” Samuel Thompson was taken aback, a little suspicious that he had heard it wrong.

“That’s right.”

Isabela said matter-of-factly: “You, the Thompson family, can get 10% of the profit without any effort, why not do it?”

“Miss Isabela, are you okay? Ten percent? Why are you here just asking for food?” Samuel Thompson said angrily.

Dustin’s authentic Jade Dew Cream directly gave him 40% of the profit.

The woman in front of me was selling defective products, but she only gave 10%.

Are you really taking advantage of the Thompson family?

“Mr. Thompson! Pay attention to your quality!”

Isabela frowned: “Our rejuvenation ointment will soon become a hit, and then money will continue to flow in. A 10% profit will be enough for your Thompson family to make a fortune!”

“Without the help of my Thompson family’s channels, you would be nothing but a hotshot!”

Samuel Thompson rolled his eyes: “No matter how good your stuff is, if you can’t sell it, it will be useless? Do you think our Thompson family is an idiot if you want to make a fool of yourself here?”

“You…how did you talk?!”

Isabela was a little angry.

With her status and beauty, no matter which man sees her, he must be polite and behave like a gentleman.

Now this guy is doing well. He makes all kinds of obscene remarks and swears, and has no quality at all.

“That’s what I say. If you like to hear it, just listen. If you don’t like it, get out!” Samuel Thompson was not used to it at all.

“You, you, you…you are so presumptuous!” Isabela gritted her teeth in anger.

“Is this considered presumptuous? I have something even more presumptuous!”

Samuel Thompson snapped his fingers and ordered: “Come here, throw these two idiots away from me. If they dare to resist, break their legs!”


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