Chapter 1449

Liam Bryant gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, and his resolute face was filled with anger.

The dignified Bryant family’s children actually fled without fighting.

This is simply a great shame!

Most importantly, it was in front of Duke Duncan.

With such a scandal, the Bryant family, as a royal family, was completely disgraced!

“Master Liam Bryant, your nephew is really a man, capable of bending and stretching!” Natasha said with a half-smile.

The corners of Liam Bryant’s eyes twitched, and his expression became particularly ugly.

What a shame! What a shame!

“You guys, bring Ian Bryant back to me! I want him to serve me!” Liam Bryant yelled at the Bryant family’s children.


The crowd didn’t dare to hesitate and dispersed in a hurry, starting to look around.

They all knew in their hearts that Ian Bryant was in big trouble this time, and he would probably have to shed his skin even if he didn’t die.

“It is said that the men of the Bryant family are brave and strong. When I saw him today, I was a little disappointed.” Duke said lightly.

It’s a waste of time to travel all the way and not even see the excitement.

“The Duke is laughing at me. It’s because we are not strict in discipline and unfortunately we have such a coward.” Liam Bryant apologized and smiled in embarrassment.

“Forget it, it’s nothing interesting.”

Duke patted his clothes and stood up slowly: “Girl, there is nothing to do today, let’s go back first.”

“That’s the only way.” Natasha nodded.

“Your Excellency, are you a little too anxious to leave right after you arrived?”

At this time, several people walked in suddenly at the door.

The leader was a tall, middle-aged man, thin and frail, with a white face and no beard, and looked gentle and elegant.

Behind him were two men and a woman.

One of them is Ian Bryant who escaped not long ago.


After seeing the elegant man, Liam Bryant’s expression became serious and he hurriedly greeted him, curiously asking: “Brother, why are you here?”

“The Duke is here, so naturally I have to entertain him personally.”

Thomas Bryant smiled slightly, then turned to Duke, raised his hands and saluted: “I am happy to meet Mr. Duke Duncan.”

“Master Bryant, there is no need to be polite.” Duke nodded in response.

Thomas Bryant in front of him is a first-rank member.

Although he is inferior to him in terms of official position, the advantage is that he is young, has a position, and is a favorite of the official family. His future is even better than him.

“It’s rare for Duke Duncan to have the pleasure of watching the juniors compete. No matter what happens today, I have to let you enjoy yourself.”

Thomas Bryant said, looking back at Ian Bryant, who was submissive: “Ian, as a son of the Bryant family, your head can be cut off and blood can be shed, but you can’t lose your spine. Go up and fight with that little brother, no matter what Win or lose, you have to show the Bryant family’s style, do you understand?”

“Ming…Understood.” Ian Bryant wanted to cry but had no tears.

At this moment, he was trembling like a frightened quail.

He thought he could escape, but he didn’t expect to be caught by his uncle as soon as he left the house.

Although the uncle didn’t have any words of blame, the more this happened, the more scared he became.

The uncle always looked gentle and elegant, and never got angry no matter what happened.

However, looking at the entire Bryant family, everyone, including the fifth uncle, is in under the uncle.

No one can say why, but it is fear.

As long as the uncle said something, no one in the Bryant family dared to refuse it. Even if he was asked to die, he had to obey orders.

“Dustin! Come here! Let me see how powerful you are!”

Ian Bryant stepped forward, with a look of death.

“You have already lost once, do you want to lose again?” Dustin said calmly.

“Stop talking nonsense! Today you die or I die! Watch your move!”

Ian Bryant roared angrily, kicked his feet on the ground, and suddenly rushed forward.

Since he couldn’t hide, he simply fought.

“Wind and Fire Fist!”

After getting close, Ian Bryant immediately used his unique move without any hesitation.


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