Chapter 1450

Everyone saw his fists hitting Dustin continuously, turning into fist shadows all over the sky, and hitting Dustin hard.

His fists were so fierce that they were like a violent storm, overwhelming and unstoppable.

Wherever he passed, there was constant whistling, like a ghost crying or a wolf howling.

“I didn’t expect Ian Bryant’s strength to improve again. This move alone should be no worse than Connor Bryant.”

“The violent wind and fire fist is the secret skill of the Bryant family. Once used, it can break gold and crack rocks. As long as Ian Bryant seizes the opportunity, he may not be able to defeat Dustin.”


Seeing the sharp fist shadows, everyone was surprised and looking forward to it.

Maybe Ian Bryant can create a miracle.


The sudden explosion completely broke everyone’s illusions.

Ian Bryant’s fist was slapped away before it completely touched Dustin.

The movement was like swatting a fly, simple and unpretentious.


Ian Bryant’s body was thrown more than ten meters away on the spot, then hit his head against the wall and passed out on the spot.


The disciples of the Bryant family looked gloomy and sighed endlessly.

Although I was mentally prepared, it was still hard to accept seeing Ian Bryant lose so quickly.

It’s a bit embarrassing for the Bryant family elites to be so vulnerable.


Thomas Bryant frowned slightly, but quickly returned to normal.

He had never seen Dustin make a move before, and he thought that Ian Bryant could fight back and forth with the opponent, but he lost with one move.

When did the children of the Bryant family become so weak?

“Trash! You can’t stop even one move, it’s really an embarrassment to our Bryant family!”

At this moment, behind Thomas Bryant, a young woman suddenly spoke.

The woman was fashionably dressed and beautiful, but there was a bit of domineering arrogance between her eyebrows.

She is Thomas Bryant’s daughter, Isla Bryant.

“Is it possible that…my husband is too strong?” Natasha smiled slightly.

“Hmph! Look what you can do! What’s the point of defeating a loser? The real master of our Bryant family hasn’t appeared yet!” Isla Bryant curled her lips.

“Really? Then why not invite your experts to open our eyes?” Natasha’s eyes were provocative.

“Third brother! It’s your turn, and you must be proud of our Bryant family!”

Isla Bryant’s eyes suddenly looked at a young man beside her.

The man stood with his hands behind his hands, his face was calm, his temperament was indifferent, and he had a bit of calm demeanor.

This person is none other than the most powerful genius of the Bryant family, Oscar Bryant!

“Oscar, go up and play with this little brother. Remember, don’t be too harsh.” Thomas Bryant said calmly.


Oscar Bryant responded, then walked forward leisurely with his hands behind his back.

“Great! Brother Oscar finally appears, this kid is dead today!”

“Brother Oscar is the number one genius of our Bryant family. He is much stronger than Connor Bryant and others. He will definitely have no problem dealing with Dustin!”

“Brother Oscar, come on! Teach this boy a lesson and promote the prestige of our royal family, the Bryant family!”


Oscar Bryant’s appearance made all the Bryant family disciples look refreshed.

The momentum that had been sluggish before suddenly became high.

As the core of the Bryant family’s key cultivation, Oscar Bryant alone occupies almost half of the resources.

His strength is far beyond that of his peers in the Bryant family, and he can be said to be a peerless warrior!

Looking at the entire Stonia, there are undoubtedly very few young talents who can rival Oscar Bryant.

In their opinion, as long as Oscar Bryant is serious, it will be easy to deal with Dustin.

“The Bryant family, Oscar Bryant.”

Oscar Bryant stretched out one hand and looked at Dustin indifferently: “For the sake of fairness, I will give you three moves first, please.”


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