Chapter 1455

Chapter 1455

Seeing Oscar Bryant, who was seriously injured and unconscious, everyone was shocked and speechless.

The result in front of them was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Although it is difficult to accept, it has to be admitted that Oscar Bryant did lose, and he lost badly, just like Connor Bryant and Ian Bryant before.

Among the dignified Stonia royal family, the military family, and the entire younger generation, no one was Dustin’s opponent.

It’s really a bit embarrassing.

“The victory and defeat have already been decided, so there should be no need to fight again?”

Dustin smiled faintly, and looked in the direction of Thomas Bryant and Liam Bryant.

In order to save some energy and intimidate the Bryant family at the same time, he chose to defeat the enemy with one move and win a crushing victory.

“Who are you? That you can beat Oscar Bryant?”

Liam Bryant frowned and looked a little ugly.

Fighting three games in a row and losing three games in a row, the Bryant family really lost face today.

“Is it surprising that I beat Oscar Bryant? There should be many people in Stonia who can defeat him, right?” Dustin said lightly.

“You——!” Liam Bryant choked.

Among the peers who can defeat Oscar Bryant, which one is not an amazingly talented person?

You are an unknown kid, how can you defeat the genius that the Bryant family has cultivated?

“Crack, crack, crack…”

At this time, Thomas Bryant suddenly clapped his hands and said with a smile: “Wonderful, really wonderful, today really opened my eyes!”


Liam Bryant was stunned and turned around in surprise.

The Bryant family lost all face, but you can still laugh, are you crazy?

“Dustin, I didn’t expect that at such a young age, you would actually have the strength of a martial arts master. You are really powerful. We, the children of the Bryant family, are convinced that we lost.” Thomas Bryant said calmly.

“What? This kid is actually a martial arts master?!”

As soon as these words came out, the whole place was in an uproar.

The Bryant family disciples looked at each other in shock.

Looking at Dustin’s age, he is only in his early twenties, and he has reached the master level at such a young age.

Isn’t this talent too terrifying?

“No wonder… no wonder Oscar Bryant lost. It turns out that this kid is already a strong master.”

Liam Bryant was both surprised and stunned.

What just happened so suddenly that he didn’t even react for a moment.

Yes, no one except a true martial arts master can defeat Oscar Bryant, a half-step master.

“Clan Leader Bryant is too polite. I just got lucky and had some adventures.” Dustin said modestly.

“Dustin, I admire your strength and talent very much. I hope that you can join our Bryant family and be my son-in-law.” Thomas Bryant said in a surprising way.

“Huh?” Dustin was taken aback.

What the hell is it to be a son-in-law?

“Dad! What are you talking about?”

Isla Bryant’s cheeks were flushed and she was a little shy. She even glanced at Dustin while speaking.

Ever since the other party defeated Oscar Bryant, she had completely changed her view.

She has always admired the strong, and Dustin’s strength and talent have been recognized by her, coupled with his handsome appearance and extraordinary bearing.

If she could marry such a man, it would be considered worthy of her status.

“Dustin, my Bryant family is one of the four royal families, with a strong background and great influence. As long as you become my son-in-law, I guarantee that you will be the focus of the Bryant family’s cultivation in the future. I can pave all the roads for you and make you short. Within a few years, he will become famous and stand on top of the world!” Thomas Bryant followed the inducements.

Although the Bryant family has many heirs, Oscar Bryant is the only one who can take action.

However, compared with those top talent, Oscar Bryant is not enough to challenge the leader of the Bryant family.


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