Chapter 1456

Chapter 1456

If this continues, the Bryant family will definitely gradually decline, and the prestige of the royal family will not be worthy of its name.

So in recent years, he has begun to recruit talented young people.

Unfortunately, none of them got what they wanted.

After seeing Dustin’s performance, he immediately became interested in talents, and even used power, s*x, fame and fortune to seduce him.

“Damn it! This kid is so lucky, isn’t he? Not only did he get reused by the Patriarch, but he also got a beautiful woman in his arms. It’s like a double happiness!”

Listening to Thomas Bryant’s conditions, everyone was envious and jealous.

Although they are descendants of the Bryant family, each of them has limited resources, and whether they can get ahead depends entirely on their own efforts.

But Dustin is different. Once he joins the Bryant family, he will be the star of tomorrow that the Bryant family focuses on cultivating.

It’s completely different from them.

“How’s it going? Are you satisfied with the conditions I offered?” Thomas Bryant said with a smile.

Anyone who is somewhat motivated should know how to choose.

“Thank you Master Bryant for your kindness, but I have no plans to join any force yet.” Dustin shook his head and declined.


Thomas Bryant raised his eyebrows slightly, quite surprised: “Dustin, joining my Bryant family is equivalent to having an extra supporter. No matter what you do in the future, it will be of great help. Why not?”

“Master Bryant, you are a bit unkind.”

At this time, Duke suddenly stood up and said seriously: “Dustin is from our Duncan Family, so how can he join your Bryant family? Isn’t it inappropriate for you to poach someone in front of me?”

“The Duncan Family?”

Thomas Bryant narrowed his eyes and said meaningfully: “Your Excellency, as far as I know, Dustin is just an independent person, not a descendant of your Duncan Family. I shouldn’t be talking about poaching, right?”

This old fox obviously got interested after seeing her and planned to steal her love with a knife.

“It wasn’t before, but it will be in the future.”

Duke said calmly: “This little guy is in love with my granddaughter. I have decided that the two of them will get married after a while. By then, this little guy will naturally become a member of my Duncan Family.”

“Master Bryant, you don’t want to beat the mandarin ducks, do you?”

Natasha stepped forward and took Dustin’s arm in a demonstrative manner.

How could she let outsiders get involved in her man?

“It makes no sense for us to say this. Dustin has to make his own decision.”

Thomas Bryant said with a serious face: “Dustin, our Bryant family is a military family, and it is more suitable for you than the Duncan Family. As long as you join our Bryant family, you will make great achievements in the future and be granted the title of marquis and king. It is no problem at all!”

“Little guy, our Duncan Family is not bad either. Whether you are an official in the court or a general on the battlefield, the Duncan Family can help you.” Duke said tit for tat.

Most of the Duncan Family are civil servants. Although they are smart, their military strength is very poor.

Dustin’s appearance just made up for the Duncan Family’s weaknesses.

“Dustin! As long as you join the Bryant family, no matter what the conditions are, I will try my best to satisfy you!” Thomas Bryant looked serious.

As long as he can retain this genius, he will not hesitate to break up with Duke.

“Little guy, as long as you join the Duncan Family, you and Natasha will get engaged tomorrow!” Duke was also furious.

“Dustin! A real man should carry a three-foot sword to achieve unparalleled achievements. Women will only affect the speed at which you draw the sword!”

“Hmph! Do you understand what it means to start a family and start a career? That means ‘starting a family’ comes first, and ‘setting up a career’ comes last. You have to figure out the priorities before talking.”

“Nonsense! Men should make contributions and build careers. Women are just accessories. After you become powerful, what kind of woman can’t be found?”

“A reckless man is a reckless man. He only knows how to fight and kill. You know, the world is big and the earth is big, but love is the biggest word!”


Thomas Bryant and Duke talked and talked, and finally they started arguing, which was quite a bit angry.

This scene made everyone look weird.

They are all powerful people, why are they quarreling with the market?

Don’t you want any image at all?


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