Chapter 1458

Chapter 1458

She believes that it won’t be long before Dustin can truly become famous!

Dustin spent the next few days busy.

Firstly, we need to find elixirs to cure illnesses; secondly, we need to rebuild Healwell clinic; thirdly, we need to pay attention to the Jade Dew Ointment.

Of course, he have to take some time out occasionally to eat and go shopping with Natasha.

All in all, Dustin basically never had any leisure time.

Thankfully, Jade Dew Ointment is on track.

Hazel Lancaster set up a pharmaceutical company in the name of the Lancaster Family to sell Jade Dew Ointment.

And after promotion and fermentation, it has formed a competitive relationship with the rejuvenation ointments of Torby and Stratford.

Because of its cheaper price and better efficacy, word-of-mouth has gradually spread in the industry.

Just waiting for the official sale to ignite a wave of craze.

At this moment, in the Torby Family meeting hall.

Because of the latest news, Kevin urgently held an internal meeting.

The people present included not only the core members of the Torby Family, but also some senior members of the Stratford Family.

“I just heard that the Lancaster Family has developed a new Jade Dew Ointment, and it is more effective than our Rejuvenation Cream. Is this true?”

Kevin looked serious and glanced at Owen Stratford and others while speaking.


A senior member of the Torby Family stood up and replied: “I have already done some research. The Lancaster Family’s Jade Dew Ointment is very magical and has an excellent reputation in the industry. It even surpasses our Rejuvenation Cream. Although it has not been officially released, it is already quite popular.” Heat is a great threat to our rejuvenation ointment!”

As soon as these words came out, the entire meeting hall immediately became commotion.

“How could this happen? The Lancaster Family doesn’t have a deep knowledge in medicine, so why can they develop such a good medicine?”

“Isn’t it because our prescription was leaked? Is there someone inside?”

“Damn it! In order to produce and promote the rejuvenation ointment, our Torby Family spent a lot of money and invested most of their resources into it. Unexpectedly, we encountered difficulties at the beginning. What should we do now?”


Everyone was talking about it, and everyone started talking about it.

You know, they all invested in Rejuvenation Ointment, invested a lot of capital in it, and hoped to make a lot of money.

Now that something like this has happened, I’m naturally very anxious.

The Lancaster Family’s Jade Dew Ointment is effective and cheap, so who can resist it?

“Give me some peace!”

Kevin slammed the table, causing everyone to shut up.

The meeting hall, which was noisy just now, immediately became silent.

“Brother Kevin, with the ability of the Lancaster Family, it is impossible to develop Jade Dew Ointment in such a short period of time. I guess it should be done by Dustin.”

At this time, Sophia suddenly spoke.

“Dustin?” Kevin frowned slightly.

He had already guessed this result.

“Dustin has a grudge against us, so he wants to use the power of the Lancaster Family to retaliate against us. I have to say that this move is very poisonous!” Sophia said with a cold face.

She didn’t pay much attention to the little guy Dustin before.

So the follow-up matters were left to Isabela and Owen Stratford.

It’s just that she didn’t expect that Dustin actually hid a hand, and instead of really handing over the complete formula, he gave her a defective product.

Now that the authentic Jade Dew Ointment comes out, the rejuvenation ointment of the Torby and Stratford families seems a bit tasteless.

If it is not stopped in time, both the Torby and Stratford families will suffer huge losses!

It has never happened before that a person who looks like an ant can make the two giants suffer.


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