Chapter 1460

Chapter 1460

“Hey, hey… raise the sign and place it in a conspicuous place.”

“And the red carpet on the ground, spread it out for me.”

“Is the lion dance team here yet? Let them prepare quickly. It will be opened soon.”


Hazel Lancaster kept yelling, no matter how big or small, she had to go through everything in person before she could rest assured.

There can be no mistakes today and everything must be running normally.


At this time, a Maybach suddenly stopped on the side of the road.

Immediately afterwards, Waylon Lancaster, wearing a suit, walked down with a smile.

“Dad, you’re here.”

Hazel Lancaster stopped moving and immediately greeted him.

“How’s it going? Is it going well?”

Waylon Lancaster looked around, admiring his daughter’s results.

“Of course it went well. I am doing it myself, so what could go wrong?” Hazel Lancaster smiled confidently.


Waylon Lancaster nodded in satisfaction: “I’ve already communicated with a few old friends, and they all like your Jade Dew Ointment very much, and they plan to come over today to cheer you on and add to their popularity.”

“Great! Thank you dad!” Hazel Lancaster looked happy.

Her father’s friends are all well-known big shots.

If he can support her, it will be the icing on the cake.

“I’m betting all my money on you this time. Whether our Lancaster Family can reach a higher level depends on today.” Waylon Lancaster said.

For the Jade Dew Ointment, the Lancaster Family also invested a lot of resources.

Give it a try and turn your bicycle into a motorcycle.

“Dad, just don’t worry, I promise there will be no problem!” Hazel Lancaster was full of confidence.

With the strength of the Lancaster Family alone, she might still be a little behind, but now with the help of the Thompson family, she is naturally fearless.

“That’s good.”

Waylon Lancaster nodded with a smile, looked around, and said suspiciously: “Oh, by the way, where is your friend named Dustin? As the founder of Jade Dew Ointment, isn’t he going to show up today?”

“Here, he is coming, he is already here.”

Hazel Lancaster pointed in a certain direction with her delicate chin.

Waylon Lancaster followed his line of sight and saw a handsome young man in ordinary clothes pacing towards him.

“Young handsome boy, you’re here just in time. Let me introduce you. This is my dad, your future father-in-law.” Hazel Lancaster blinked ambiguously.

Dustin, who had just approached, couldn’t help but smile. The words that came to his mouth were blocked directly.

This woman is really speechless and endless.

“You girl, what nonsense are you talking about? You scared everyone.”

Waylon Lancaster glared, then stretched out his hand to Dustin, and said with a smile, “Waylon Lancaster, you can call me Uncle Waylon.”

“Hello Uncle Waylon.” Dustin shook hands in return.

“I heard from Hazel that you are both civil and military, and a good-looking talent. When I saw you today, you really deserve your reputation!” Waylon Lancaster looked up and down, showing an little smile.

Good looks, character, and ability pass the test, but the family background is a little bit worse.

Of course, if you marry into the Lancaster Family, all of these are harmless.

“Uncle Waylon you have kind heart.”

Dustin smiled, feeling a little uncomfortable being stared at.

Why do you feel a little weird?


While the three were talking, several luxury cars suddenly stopped by the side of the road.

The car door opened, and a group of well-dressed men and women came down mightily.

However, when he saw who was coming, the smile on Hazel Lancaster’s face disappeared completely, and Waylon Lancaster frowned slightly.


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