Chapter 1464

Chapter 1464

At this moment, a group of family members wearing sackcloth and filial piety began to howl.

Cursing again, crying again, the huge movement attracted many crowds of onlookers.

Some people who didn’t understand the reason even pointed at him and scorned him.

Some even took out their mobile phones and started recording videos, preparing to post them on the Internet to promote them.

All of a sudden, the whole scene exploded.

Hazel Lancaster frowned, her expression ugly.

Although she knew that someone was going to make trouble today, she didn’t expect it to be so troublesome.

She couldn’t beat her, she couldn’t scold her, and it was useless to explain. She was a little caught off guard.

“Hazel Lancaster, I thought your Jade Dew Ointment was some panacea, but after working on it for a long time, it turned out to be a poison that hurts people.”

At this time, Isabela suddenly said in a strange way: “Your Lancaster Family is a famous family after all. I never thought that you would do such outrageous things in order to make money. I am so disappointed in you!”

“That’s right!”

Owen Stratford then added insult to injury: “We sell medicines to save people, to save all sentient beings, but you are the scum of the scum!”

“This kind of poison cannot be allowed to continue to harm people, it must be banned immediately!”

“Block the Lancaster Family! Block Jade Dew Ointment!”

The crowd was excited and clamored one after another, the momentum was extremely large.

“Everyone, please be patient.”

At this time, Waylon Lancaster finally spoke: “The matter has not been investigated clearly, and it is still too early to draw conclusions. I hope you can give us some time. We promise that we will find out the truth!”

“What the heck!”

The middle-aged man roared angrily: “Now the evidence is conclusive, and there is no room for you to quibble! You have only two choices now, either you pay for our life with your life; or you take the initiative to confess your guilt, apologize publicly, and then compensate us for all our losses!”

As soon as these words came out, even Waylon Lancaster frowned.

It is naturally impossible for one life to pay for one life. As for voluntary confession and public apology, it is undoubtedly jumping into the fire pit by oneself.

At that time, not only Jade Dew Ointment will be blocked, but also the reputation of the entire Lancaster Family will suffer a huge blow.

It’s obvious that the other party wants to kill them all!

“Patriarch Waylon, you have one more chance to make a choice. Will you agree to my conditions or not?” Kevin said in a timely manner.

“You want us to submit? It’s just a dream!”

Hazel Lancaster refused and said sharply: “To tell you the truth, even if our Jade Dew Ointment cannot be sold, you will never get the genuine formula!”

“Okay! You all asked for this!”

Kevin sneered and said nothing.

After that, Butler Benjamin silently took out his mobile phone and made a call.

Soon, several black commercial vehicles hidden in the corner of the street roared towards them.

When the car door opened, a large number of media reporters filed out immediately, and surrounded Hazel Lancaster and the others, asking questions.

All kinds of cameras, flash, almost face-to-face shooting.

“Miss Hazel, I heard that your Jade Dew Ointment has cured someone? Is there such a thing?”

“Miss Hazel, are you selling poisons for profit, and doing this kind of behavior that violates the bottom line of the law, are you relying on the backing of your background?”

“Dear viewers, according to the latest news we have received, a branch of the Lancaster Group was suspected of manufacturing counterfeit drugs, resulting in the death of a 70-year-old man. I will report it live for you…”

The reporters were chattering and questioning constantly.

In a few words, the Lancaster Family’s crimes were confirmed, and the public opinion was almost one-sided.

Hazel Lancaster was dazed by the flashing lights, and was in a state of confusion, completely unsure of how to answer.


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