Chapter 1468

Chapter 1468

“The evidence is solid, yet you still have to investigate!”

Isabela shouted with displeasure on her face: “I order you to arrest them immediately, or I will sue you for favoritism!”


The bald man frowned and his face became a little ugly.

“Director Zack, look around. There are countless pairs of eyes staring at you. There are many reporters here. Do you really want to protect these people?” Owen Stratford said in a sharp tone.


The bald man’s expression froze, and he was very embarrassed.

Although I dare not offend the Thompson family, the power of public opinion is also very terrifying. If it is reported in an exaggerated manner, it will be very troublesome.

“Owen Stratford, you’d better be careful what you say, or I’ll sue you for slander.” Samuel Thompson said calmly.

“Young Mr. Thompson, this is a matter between us and the Lancaster Family. I hope you won’t get involved.” Owen Stratford said.

“Our Thompson family has formed an alliance with the Lancaster Family, and we jointly produce Jade Dew Ointment. Do you think I can stand by and watch?” Samuel Thompson rolled his eyes.

“Young Mr. Thompson, I’m just kindly reminding you that if you persist in your stubbornness, be careful of setting yourself on fire!”

As Owen Stratford spoke, he suddenly increased his volume and said loudly: “Once the matter of Thompson’s medicine killing people is reported by the media, carefully consider it. How much loss will your Thompson family suffer?”

“If any media dares to report randomly, I will put these people in jail one by one for false accusations and frame-ups!” Samuel Thompson was not afraid at all.

“Young Mr. Thompson, don’t think that because your Thompson family is so powerful, you can stop everyone from talking. People are dying now, and paper can’t stop the fire. If it gets bigger, you may not be able to withstand it,” Owen Stratford said. .

“Human life?”

Samuel Thompson glanced at the corpse in the coffin and sneered: “Who told you that this person was harmed by our Jade Dew Ointment?”

“Hmph! All the certification evidence is there, is there still a fake one?!” the middle-aged man yelled.

Samuel Thompson did not explain, but snapped his fingers.

Soon, Anna, the female bodyguard behind him, took out a document and said coldly: “According to our latest investigation, the deceased was deliberately poisoned, and the poison was Hedinghong.

And these are the ingredients list of Jade Dew Ointment. It has been officially verified that there are no harmful substances in it.

Therefore, the matter of Jade Dew Ointment harming people is purely a frame-up. Please take a look! “

As Anna spoke, she opened the file and clearly displayed the relevant contents in front of the crowd and reporters.

This scene caused many people to whisper.

With the reputation of Thompson’s Medicine and the evidence they cited, they had to doubt the authenticity of this tragedy.

“These evidences are all forged! Don’t believe them!”

The middle-aged man was anxious and reached out to grab the documents, but was kicked to the ground by Anna.

Then, she took out another document and said coldly: “This filial son bought a huge accident insurance for his father yesterday, and he was named as the beneficiary.

In addition, he was addicted to gambling, heavily in debt, and notorious in the local area.

I have reason to suspect that he did not hesitate to poison his father in order to extort money! “

As soon as these words came out, the middle-aged man’s complexion changed drastically, and he shouted again and again: “Nonsense! You are clearly talking nonsense!”


Anna snorted coldly, took out a pack of medicine from his pocket, and said: “This is the remains of the crane’s crown red that was found in your home. It also has your fingerprints on it. We have tested it and confirmed it is correct. Now there is irrefutable evidence.” , no matter how much you quibble, it won’t help!”


Seeing this scene, the middle-aged man’s legs weakened and he collapsed directly on the ground, his face ashen.

It’s over…it’s all over now…


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