Chapter 1470

Chapter 1470

“Samuel Thompson, what benefits did the Lancaster Family give you, and you actually helped them like this?” Isabela asked with a frown.

“I’ve always drawn my sword to help when there was an injustice. What, do you have any objections?” Samuel Thompson raised his chin.

“Samuel Thompson, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests. No matter how many benefits the Lancaster Family gives you, our Torby Family is willing to pay double!” Isabela offered the price.


Hearing this, Samuel Thompson smiled, with a hint of sarcasm in his smile: “To tell you the truth, I am the largest shareholder of Jade Dew Ointment, with an exclusive 40% share. If converted to double, that would be 80%. Can your royal family afford it?”


Upon hearing this, Isabela’s face finally changed.

She thought that Samuel Thompson would stand up for the Lancaster Family because he received some benefits, but she didn’t expect that the two parties had already formed an alliance.

It is obviously impossible to instigate rebellion against the Thompson family at this time.

“it is as expected.”

Owen Stratford frowned, his face serious.

From the moment Samuel Thompson appeared, he realized something was wrong.

“Why don’t you say anything? Aren’t you going to give me double benefits?” Samuel Thompson said sarcastically.

“Hmph! Don’t be too proud! You have Jade Dew Ointment and we have Rejuvenation Cream. If we really have to compete, it’s still unclear who will win!” Isabela shouted.

Although the Thompson family is powerful, the Torby and Stratford families are not vegetarians.

“Haha… the rejuvenation ointment you sell is just a defective product that cannot be sold on the market. How can it be compared with our authentic Jade Dew ointment?” Samuel Thompson sneered.

“Okay! You said our rejuvenation ointment is a defective product, right? Then I ask you, do you dare to bet with me?” Isabela asked provocatively.

“Oh? How do you want to bet?” Samuel Thompson seemed to be interested.

“It’s very simple. Let’s bet on sales volume to see whose medicine sells more today!” Isabela raised her head.

“So what if you win? What if you lose?” Samuel Thompson asked.

“Winning will naturally mean that the product is authentic, and from now on, the market will be exclusive; and the loser will not only have to donate the prescription, but also sign and pledge to ensure that such ointments will not be sold again in the future!” Isabela said.

As soon as these words came out, Samuel Thompson couldn’t help raising his eyebrows slightly.

Obviously, the Torby Family is declaring war openly.

If you don’t agree, you will definitely be slandered by various ridicules, which will affect the family’s reputation.

But if he agrees, he is afraid that the Torby and Stratford families will use evil tricks.

If they lose, they will not only lose face, but also lose a lot of profits, which will cause Thompson’s Medicine to fall into crisis again.

This consequence is not ordinary serious.

“What? Don’t you dare to gamble?”

Isabela curled her lips disdainfully: “You claim to be genuine, but you don’t even have the courage to compete with us. Are you guilty of thieves? Or are you just as timid as a rat?”

Samuel Thompson frowned slightly and did not answer directly. Instead, he looked sideways at Dustin and Hazel Lancaster.

The Jade Dew Ointment is not his, and he cannot make the decision without permission.

“You want to bet, right? OK…we agree.”

At this time, Dustin suddenly spoke.

Hazel Lancaster’s expression changed and she quickly advised: “Little handsome boy, this may be a conspiracy of the Torby and Stratford families. Don’t be fooled.”

“Don’t worry, their defeat is certain today. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to make any big waves.”

Dustin smiled lightly and didn’t care.

When Isabela proposed this bet, she was undoubtedly playing with fire and setting herself on fire, which in disguise accelerated the bankruptcy of the Torby and Stratford families.

Just what he wanted.

“Mr. Thompson, what did you say?” Hazel Lancaster turned her eyes.

“Dustin has already spoken, and of course I fully support it. Our drugs are high-quality and low-priced. If we can’t win this bet, we might as well close our doors.” Samuel Thompson shrugged.

Hearing this, Hazel Lancaster finally nodded: “Okay! Then let’s play with them! Let’s bet!”


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