Chapter 1472

Chapter 1472

Seeing this scene, Owen Stratford smiled even more happily: “Dustin, do you see it? This is the surprise we prepared for you!”

“It turns out that you guys had a plan a long time ago, it’s really despicable!” Hazel Lancaster scolded.

“Haha… A soldier never tires of deceit. Why do you think you have no brains and you actually agreed to bet against us?” Owen Stratford said proudly.

“Our side is already overcrowded, but your side is packed with people. The outcome has been decided, so you might as well just admit defeat.” Isabela sneered.

Although the frame-up did not work, fortunately, the provocation method did.

It’s not in vain that they designed it carefully.

“Why are you anxious? We still have a chance before the sun goes down.” Dustin remained calm.

“What? Still not giving up?”

Owen Stratford smiled jokingly: “Okay, then I will make it more difficult so that you will be convinced of your defeat!”

As he said that, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a certain number.

Three minutes later.

A black Mercedes-Benz drove out from the corner and parked across the street.

The car door opened, and a well-dressed fat man walked out with his female secretary.

Immediately afterwards, shouts suddenly rang out: “Garcia Pharmacy Manager, order five million rejuvenation ointment!”

As soon as these words came out, there was an immediate commotion across the street.

Garcia Pharmacy is a well-known large pharmacy in Stonia, with hundreds of stores, and its reputation has always been very good.

As the boss of Garcia Pharmacy and a recognized billionaire, it is really surprising that he has now appeared in public and ordered five million rejuvenation ointments in one go.


Not long after the Mercedes-Benz stopped, another Maybach arrived.

When the car door opened, an old man with gray hair stepped out on crutches.

“Chairman of Davis Group, order 10 million rejuvenation ointments!” the master of ceremonies’ voice sounded again.

At the same time, there was another commotion at the scene.

However, before the commotion subsided, a shocking scene happened.

One luxury car after another sprang up like mushrooms after a rain.

Bentley, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, you name it.

Whenever a luxury car stops, a famous big shot will step out.

The resounding voice of the master of ceremonies echoed one after another, resounding throughout the world.

“President Sterlingsheng Medicine has ordered 20 million rejuvenation ointments and congratulated our company on its successful opening!”

“Mr. William of Elliott Security Company ordered 50 million dollar of rejuvenating cream. Congratulations on our company’s financial success!”

“Chairman Damian of the Damian Group, ordered 100 million rejuvenation ointment, congratulations to our company for smooth sailing and wealth from all directions!”


Seeing the rich people arriving one after another, the whole place exploded.

“Damn it! There are tens of millions and hundreds of millions of orders at every turn. Isn’t that too cruel?”

“Is the rejuvenation ointment so amazing? It actually attracted the richest people to rush to buy it?”

“The rich man is far-sighted and must have seen the potential of rejuvenation cream. We are definitely right to follow suit and buy it!”

Everyone was talking a lot and were surprised.

At first, they just watched the excitement, but they didn’t expect the situation to become so hot.

As a result, many people were tempted to place orders one after another, and the sales of rejuvenation ointment rose rapidly.

The situation is completely one-sided.

“Dustin, do you know the gap now? I’ll ask you if you accept it or not?!” Owen Stratford curled his lips, full of confidence.


Dustin smiled faintly: “Why don’t you look back and see who wins and who loses?”


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