Chapter 1476

Chapter 1476

Under the gaze of everyone, the luxury motorcade began to drive slowly across the street, and finally stopped at the entrance of the Rejuvenation Ointment Pharmaceutical Company.

Seeing this scene, Isabela instantly looked overjoyed: “Hahaha… It’s our people! It’s our reinforcements that have arrived!”

“Great! It’s finally time for us to feel proud!” Owen Stratford was also extremely happy.

Although the appearance of Ethan Langford caused some changes, fortunately they were well prepared and able to turn the tide.

“Who is the one?”

Kevin rubbed his chin and murmured to himself, with a little more expectation in his eyes.

The allies of the Torby and Stratford families have all arrived. Is there another surprise?

“Dustin! Hazel Lancaster! Samuel Thompson!”

Isabela called the names one by one and said arrogantly: “I told you a long time ago not to be too happy too early. How about now? Have you been slapped in the face? Hahaha…”

“I admit that you have something, but unfortunately, we are still better after all.” Owen Stratford’s face was full of pride.

Just when the two were ridiculing and laughing, something happened suddenly.

They saw that the convoy that had just stopped seemed to have discovered something, and suddenly moved again!

Immediately afterwards, luxury cars began to turn around, and finally arrived at the gate of Lancaster’s Medicine.

When the vehicle stopped, the well-dressed dignitaries walked out one after another and began to congratulate each other in an orderly manner.

“Oscar Bryant of the Bryant family and many of the Bryant family’s children came to support and congratulate Lancaster’s Medicine on its successful opening and prosperous business!”

Oscar Bryant, the leader, led the crowd forward and hugged Dustin and the others.

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was in an uproar.

“What? The royal family, the Bryant family, are all here? Am I right?”

“Oh my god! The opening of a small pharmaceutical company actually alarmed the Stonia royal family. What is going on?”


Everyone was discussing and shocked.

The royal Bryant family is a level higher than the Langfords Family. It is a behemoth standing on the top of the Dragonmarsh Kingdom!

There are many famous generals in the family, and they have great power in both the government and the public. Their influence in the military department is so great that they can only cover the sky with one hand!

Such a giant family would actually congratulate the small Lancaster Family?

It’s simply unbelievable!

“Bryant…Bryant family? How is that possible?!”

At this moment, Isabela and others stood stunned on the spot as if struck by lightning.

Everyone’s eyes widened with disbelief on their faces.

Isn’t the convoy reinforcements from the Torby and Stratford families? How did he become a member of the Lancaster Family?

The most important thing is, how can a second-rate family hire a giant like the Bryant family?

Still haven’t recovered from the shock.

Another luxury motorcade appeared on the street corner.

This time, they did not go wrong. The luxury motorcade came straight to Lancaster’s Medicine, and finally stopped steadily.

The car door opened, and Natasha, dressed in a red traditional dress, walked down with a group of dignitaries.

“The royal Duncan Family is here to congratulate you!”

“To show our sincerity, we will contribute tens of billions of orders, and I wish Lancaster pharmaceutical business a prosperous business, making every day a fortune!” Natasha said with a smile.

As soon as these words came out, the whole place exploded.

“Oh my god! Not only the Bryant family, but also the royal Duncan Family are here now. Am I not dreaming?”

“Who is it? Who can invite two royal families to appear at the same time?!”

“A wonder in the world! What a wonder in the world!”

There was a lot of discussion and excitement among the people.

The Bryant family alone is scary enough, and with the help of the Duncan Family, its influence is immeasurable!

In this bet, Lancaster’s Medicine won a crushing victory.

There is no chance of a comeback for the Torby and Stratford families.


Isabela’s legs went limp, and she slumped on the ground, her face ashen.

She is completely desperate!


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