Chapter 1479

Chapter 1479

“Okay, there’s no point in discussing this now. Let’s think about how to get out of the current predicament.”

At this time, Sophia, who had been silent all this time, suddenly spoke.

She is a decisive and resolute person who never gives up easily.

If you fail this time, then find an opportunity to make up for it.

“Both royal families have shown up, and the business of rejuvenating ointment is obviously not going to work.”

Harold Stratford sighed, then raised his head and said, “Brother Kevin, you always have a lot of tricky ideas. Is there any good way to recover some losses?”

“What can I do for a while?” Kevin looked helpless.

If he had his way, he wouldn’t be sitting here worrying.

“Dad! I have an idea!”

As if thinking of something, Isabela next to him suddenly spoke.

“Oh? What’s your idea? Let’s hear it.”

Kevin immediately became interested.

The others looked over one after another, as if they were all listening.

“Dad, we got the prescription of Rejuvenation Ointment from Dustin. Is it possible that he has a similar top-quality prescription?” Isabela narrowed her eyes and said.

Kevin and Sophia looked at each other and immediately understood what their daughter meant.

But seeing through things without telling them is a disgraceful thing after all.

“Isabela, you mean to kidnap Dustin quietly and force him to hand over all the prescriptions?” Owen Stratford asked tentatively.

“That’s right!”

Isabela nodded heavily: “Dustin has a lot of secrets hidden in him. I believe that as long as he is captured and tortured, he will definitely get a lot of surprises!”

“Haha…good idea!”

Hearing this, Harold Stratford’s eyes lit up: “We only promised that we would no longer produce and sell rejuvenation ointment, and we didn’t say that we would not sell other medicines. If there is any magical prescription, we can not only recover the loss, but also make a lot of money!”


Kevin smiled and nodded: “If there is one, there are two. There is a high probability that Dustin has other top-quality prescriptions.”

When dealing with the Torby Family before, Dustin had hidden a secret, which proved that this son was quite sophisticated and good at hiding his clumsiness.

“Isabela, now Dustin has boarded the Thompson family’s ship, it is too risky for us to touch him?” Owen Stratford thought.

The Thompson family and the Lancaster Family are now very popular, and they have two royal families as their backers.

Dustin has become friends with Samuel Thompson and Hazel Lancaster again. If he kidnaps someone, he might cause big trouble.

“You can’t catch tiger cubs if you don’t enter the tiger’s den. As long as you can recover your losses and turn defeat into victory, what’s the point of taking some risks?”

Isabela said indifferently: “Besides, Dustin is just a pawn being used and has lost its value now. How can the Thompson family and the Lancaster Family care about the life and death of such a person?”


Owen Stratford frowned in thought, a little undecided.

“Brother Owen, aren’t you so frightened that you don’t even have this courage anymore?”

Isabela said with some dissatisfaction: “You used to be unparalleled in wisdom, courage, and perseverance. Why do you seem to be a different person today?”

“It’s a matter of great importance. It’s always right to be cautious.” Owen Stratford smiled sarcastically.

Damn it, I charge into battle every time, and you cheer and shout from behind. Of course you don’t feel dangerous.

If something happened, wouldn’t I be unlucky first?

“Brother Owen, don’t worry, there will never be any danger in this matter.”

Isabela said with a serious face: “As long as we do it without anyone noticing and leaving no clues, who will suspect us? Don’t forget, we have a peerless expert to help us. Just ask this If an expert makes a move, it will definitely be foolproof!”

“Owen, you are just an unknown junior. Why are you so nervous? With our two giants supporting you, you just let go and do it. If something goes wrong, uncle will carry it for you!” Kevin said, patting his chest.

After hearing what the father and daughter said, Owen Stratford immediately felt confident and said boldly, “Okay! Then I’ll take a chance and catch Dustin back myself!”

At this moment, in the Imperial Building, in a luxurious private room.


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