Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480

Dustin, Hazel Lancaster, and Samuel Thompson were gathering together to drink and chat.

The new company opened successfully today and ended perfectly. All three of them made a lot of money.

After finishing their work, they immediately went to the Imperial Tower to have a drink and celebrate.

“Hahaha… I feel so good today!”

“Owen Stratford and Isabela, that pair of losers, finally suffered a big loss. When I think of their expressions of eating shit, I can’t help but laugh.”

Samuel Thompson held up his wine glass and laughed.

He had long been displeased with Isabela and the two. A few days ago, they came to threaten his elder sister, but today he finally vented his anger.

“This is all thanks to Mr. Thompson’s wide connections and inviting the Bryant family and Duncan Family to support the scene. Otherwise, how could we be so prosperous today?”

“Come on, Mr. Thompson, let me toast you.”

Hazel Lancaster smiled and raised her wine glass.


Samuel Thompson was startled and said in astonishment: “Aren’t the two royal families invited by your Lancaster Family? What does it have to do with our Thompson family?”


Hazel Lancaster’s face froze: “Young Mr. Thompson, are you kidding? Our Lancaster Family is just a second-rate family, how can we invite the royal family to come forward?”

“The problem is, our Thompson family can’t do it either!” Samuel Thompson looked weird.

Although he used his connections and invited many forces to support him, they definitely did not include the Bryant family and the Duncan Family.

In fact, he doesn’t have the ability.

Even if his father comes forward, the success rate is very slim.

The gap between wealthy families and royal families is really huge.

“It’s not our Lancaster Family, and it’s not your Thompson family, so who could it be?” Hazel Lancaster looked confused.

She always thought that the Thompson family spent a lot of money to invite the two royal families to take charge.

Now it seems that this is not the case.

“Xiao Rhys…it can’t be you, right?”

As if he thought of something, Samuel Thompson’s eyes suddenly turned, with a bit of surprise.


Dustin smiled faintly and said ambiguously: “What even you can’t do, do I, a poor man, have the ability?”

“That’s true.”

Samuel Thompson nodded thoughtfully: “Anyone who can invite the royal family is either a relative of the emperor or a prince.”

“Okay, don’t worry about this anymore. Maybe the two royal families took a fancy to the potential of our Jade Dew Ointment, so they took advantage of it.”

Hazel Lancaster glanced at Dustin meaningfully, and then changed the topic.

She always felt that there was some secret hidden in the other party, but now, it was not time to reveal the secret.

“Come on, let’s drink!”

Samuel Thompson was too lazy to think, so he picked up the wine glass and started drinking again.

After a while, he drank up a bottle of wine.

“Come here! Two more bottles of good wine!”

Samuel Thompson yelled towards the door.

Soon, a waitress came in with two bottles of wine and her head lowered.

“Come! Let’s drink!”

Samuel Thompson poured three glasses of wine respectively, touched them lightly, and was ready to drink them all in one gulp.

But halfway through raising the glass, Dustin raised his hand to stop him.

“This wine is weird, don’t drink it!”


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