Chapter 1481

Chapter 1481


Looking at the palm sealing the mouth of the cup, Samuel Thompson couldn’t help being slightly startled: “Weird? What’s weird?”

He immediately sniffed and said doubtfully: “The wine has a mellow aroma and a long aftertaste, no problem.”

“The wine is good wine, but there is something added in it. If you drink it, you may die soon.” Dustin said seriously.

“Is the wine poisonous?”

Samuel Thompson frowned, slowly put down his wine glass, glanced at his two bodyguards, and said coldly: “What’s going on?”

The wine he drinks will be tested with a silver needle before entering the door, and it will be brought in only after it is confirmed to be OK.

“Master, we have just tested it and there is no poison in the wine.” The two bodyguards immediately shook their heads in denial.

“I have seen with my own eyes that the silver needle has not changed.” Female Grandmaster Anna said calmly.

“Xiao Rhys, are you mistaken?” Samuel Thompson was a little surprised.

He might not believe what the bodyguard said, but he would never have the slightest doubt about Anna’s words.

The two grew up together and depended on each other for life and death. There were almost no secrets.

“Silver needles can only detect poison, but what’s in the wine is not poison.”

As Dustin said this, he took out a silver needle and pricked it lightly on his index finger.

After squeezing hard, a drop of blood overflowed from the wound, and finally fell into the wine glass with a “click” sound.

At the same time, a frightening scene happened.

When the blood entered the wine, the originally calm wine suddenly began to boil.

A large number of parasites began to roll and surge, constantly competing for the blood food dropped by Dustin.

These parasites are so small and transparent that they are difficult to detect with the naked eye if they remain motionless.

However, with the attraction of blood-eating, all the parasites were activated ferociously, and began to devour fresh blood greedily.

It was so densely packed that it made his skin crawl.

“What…what are these?!”

Samuel Thompson’s eyelids jumped in fear and he shrank back unconsciously.

There are actually thousands of parasites in a small glass of wine. If you drink this, your internal organs will be completely eaten away.

“This is called Corpse Blood Worm, a type of fiery beetle. It is cultivated by witch and Mystic sorcerers from corpses.”

Dustin explained lightly: “The corpse bloodworm feeds on fresh blood. Once it penetrates into the human body, it will lay eggs and reproduce continuously, devouring human flesh and blood. If there is no antidote, the infected person will be slowly killed. tortured to death.”

“Fuck! What a vicious method! Who is so cruel that he would use such underhanded tactics to harm people!” Samuel Thompson was shocked and angry.

Although I have been very careful, things like this are still hard to guard against.

“Fortunately, we discovered it in time, otherwise we would have been in trouble.” Hazel Lancaster also looked scared.

Corpse bloodworms can’t even be detected with a silver needle. If they drank it without anyone noticing, they would die without knowing how.


At this time, Anna suddenly pulled out the long sword from her waist, put it directly on the neck of the waitress, and shouted: “Say! Who instigated you to do this?!”

“No, it’s none of my business…I don’t know anything!”

The waitress was so frightened that she knelt on the ground, her face full of panic.

“You brought the wine, and you are the most suspicious. Tell me honestly, or you will die!” Anna looked cold and stern.

She just made a mistake and put her young master in danger.

If Dustin hadn’t discovered the clues with his keen eyes, she would have died a hundred times.

“I…I really don’t know, I’m just a waiter, I didn’t do anything!” The waitress was frightened and cried, tears falling down.


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