Chapter 1482

Chapter 1482

“Take her back! Severe interrogation!”

Anna waved her hand and directly ordered her two subordinates to take the waitress away by force.

If something like this happens, no suspicious person can be spared.

“You two, go to the restaurant kitchen and ask if any strangers have come in or out.”

“As for you, go and check the surveillance immediately. All guests who come to the restaurant for dinner tonight must be interrogated!”

Anna didn’t talk nonsense and issued orders one after another.

A group of bodyguards around Samuel Thompson immediately became busy.

“Young Master, it was my subordinate who neglected his duty and almost made a big mistake just now. Please punish me, Master.” Anna bowed and apologized.

“It’s none of your business. No one can predict such evil methods.” Samuel Thompson looked solemn.

“Have you made any enmity with anyone recently?” Hazel Lancaster suddenly asked.

“should not.”

Samuel Thompson shook his head: “I rarely show my face in public, and I don’t offend people easily…”

Speaking of this, Samuel Thompson’s eyelids suddenly twitched: “Wait! Is it possible that… the Torby and Stratford families are responsible? We have caused them heavy losses today, so they are holding a grudge and waiting for an opportunity to take revenge?”

“Very likely!” Hazel Lancaster nodded.

With the virtues of Isabela and Owen Stratford, they will definitely not give up easily after suffering such a big loss.

But she didn’t expect that the other party’s revenge would come so quickly.

“Xiao Rhys, what do you think?” Samuel Thompson asked, turning his head.

“What do you think? Apart from the Torby and Stratford families who are colluding with each other, I can’t think of anyone else who would be so despicable.” Dustin was noncommittal.

“Grass! It really is a group of beasts like them!”

Samuel Thompson was so angry that he slammed the table and shouted: “Anna! Gather your troops immediately and come with me to raise an army to investigate the crime!”

“Don’t worry…”

Dustin raised his hand to stop him: “Who would admit that you came to the door so openly? Are you going to start a war with the Torby and Stratford families?”

“Then what should we do? You can’t just swallow your anger, right?” Samuel Thompson was a little unwilling.

He has never been one to suffer losses, so after being punished like this, he would naturally want to take revenge.

“of course not.”

Dustin smiled lightly: “They like to play dirty tricks, so let’s treat them in their own way.”

“Oh? Do you have any good ideas?” Samuel Thompson suddenly became interested.

Evil magic like this is more terrifying than assassination, and even more difficult to guard against.

Only by finding the murderer early can we have no worries.

“If you guessed it right, the caster should have a mother worm in his hand, which is specially used to lay eggs of corpse blood worms, and there is a special connection between the two. I can use the corpse blood worms to find the mother worm. Whereabouts, by then, we will naturally be able to find out the mastermind behind the scenes.” Dustin said calmly.

“Okay! Let’s do it!”

Samuel Thompson slapped the table: “Xiao Rhys, if you need anything from me, just ask!”

“You don’t have to do anything, just go home and sleep.” Dustin said.

“Ah? Sleeping?” Samuel Thompson was stunned and a little confused.

Hazel Lancaster and Anna also looked at each other, not knowing why.

“The enemy is in the dark, and we are in the open. If you make any moves, it will be easy to alert the enemy, so just leave this matter to me. The mastermind behind the scenes is here because of me.”

After Dustin finished speaking, he picked up the wine glass full of corpse blood worms and drank it all in one gulp.


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