Chapter 1483

Chapter 1483

The night is getting darker.

At this moment, in a quaint old house on the outskirts of South City.

Owen Stratford paced back and forth in the living room with his hands behind his back, looking a little uneasy.

In order to deal with Dustin and others, he specially invited an expert from the witchcraft and mystical order to cast spells.

This expert’s abilities were even more powerful than those of the previous Master Hudson, but his personality was a bit weird, moody and unpredictable.

Moreover, the other party also has a special hobby. He likes to torment women, which is a serious sadistic tendency.

In the middle of the night, the three women had been tortured to death.

When they went in, they were beautiful, and when they came out, it was bloody.

It’s not that he cares about them, he just feels like he’s seeking skin from a tiger. A master with such a perverse personality is really difficult to maintain.

If you accidentally offend someone, you don’t know how you will die.


At this time, the door of the opposite room suddenly opened.

Immediately afterwards, a skinny old man wearing a black robe and a pale face walked out contentedly.

Owen Stratford took a peek and saw a naked woman in the room behind the old man, who was tied up and dropped in the air.

Her body was riddled with holes and dripping with blood, and she looked miserable.

Her chest no longer rose and fell, as if she had been tortured to death.

Too cruel!

Owen Stratford swallowed, not daring to look further. He walked respectfully to the old man and asked tentatively: “Master Ron, how do you feel? Are you satisfied?”

“Yes, these three playthings are all in line with my appetite. I have a lot of fun tonight, and you have contributed a lot to it.” Master Ron nodded and comfortablely sat down.

“As long as you are satisfied.”

Owen Stratford quickly picked up the teapot, poured a cup of hot tea for the person in front of him, and said with an apologetic smile: “Master Ron, I don’t know if the thing I asked you to do has any results?”

“This matter has been handed over to the disciples, I believe it will be done soon.” Master Ron drank tea leisurely.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Owen Stratford secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Oh, by the way, a big shot from our mystical order is going to visit Stonia recently. You should prepare in advance and find a geomantic treasure for this big shot to settle down. If things go well, your Stratford Family will get the help of the mystical order in the future.” Master Ron said lightly.

“That’s great! Thank you Master Ron!” Owen Stratford looked overjoyed and bowed to express his thanks.

The mystical order is one of the three major forces in the world, and is as famous as the Sword Sect and the Balermo Martial Alliance.

There are so many masters and powerful people inside, and their level is so huge that they can directly talk to the emperor.

Even the four major royal families in Stonia have to be in awe when facing the mystical order.

If the Stratford Family could get the protection of the mystical order, it would be equivalent to having a huge backer.

Success is just around the corner!

“Don’t be too happy too early. This big man has a bad temper. You must treat him carefully. If you angers him, even the King of Heaven and I will not be able to save you.” Master Ron reminded.

“I understand, I understand, even if I lose everything, I still have to satisfy this big shot.” Owen Stratford nodded repeatedly.

“Well, that’s right, I’m enlightened.” Master Ron nodded with satisfaction.


The two were chatting when the courtyard door outside the house suddenly opened.

Immediately afterwards, a black figure slowly walked in.

The figure was also holding a cloth bag in his hand, which was bulging as if it contained a ball.

Every few steps, a drop of dark red liquid would drip.


Owen Stratford’s face froze, and he immediately became vigilant.

“Don’t be nervous, it should be my disciple who is back.”

Master Ron drank his tea leisurely and didn’t care.

As soon as he finished speaking, the figure suddenly stretched out his hand, threw the cloth bag high into the living room, and then dropped to the ground with a “thud”.


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