Chapter 1485

Chapter 1485

“The flea powder from the mystical order? It’s interesting.”

Dustin squinted his eyes and quickly saw the clues.

Obviously, this so-called Master Ron is not an ordinary character, but an elite of the mystical order.

“Oh? It turns out that he is a fellow, no wonder he can see through my tricks.”

Master Ron looked up and down, and couldn’t help but look up a bit.

Ordinary warriors couldn’t stop the sudden attack just now, but Dustin resolved the crisis with just a breath, which is really something.

“Ah—my face! My handsome face!”

Owen Stratford, who had been detoxified, covered his bloody face and wailed in pain. At the same time, he roared: “Master Ron! Kill him! I will tear his body to pieces!”


Master Ron’s face darkened, and he slapped Owen Stratford with a backhand.

The main character is a moody one.

“Boy, for the sake of fellowship, if you kneel in front of me and admit your mistakes, and then accept me as your teacher, I will spare your life, how about it?” Master Ron said speculatively.

His direct disciple is dead, and he needs an errand runner to accompany him and often look for prey for him.

Although Dustin is young, he is very powerful and is a perfect disciple.

“Being my master? Are you worthy?”

Dustin sneered: “Can you please take a pee and take a picture to see what kind of virtue you have? A piece of trash like you is not even worthy of being a human being!”

“you wanna die!”

Upon hearing this, Master Ron instantly became furious.

He stopped talking nonsense, and flicked his sleeves forward, two black rays of light shot out, piercing Dustin’s eyes.

Dustin raised one hand, waved it left and right, and struck an “x” in the air.


The two black rays of light were cut off on the spot, turned into four pieces and fell to the ground, spilling a piece of blood.

Those were two black poisonous snakes that had been cut in half!


Seeing that Dustin broke his ultimate move lightly, Master Ron couldn’t help but change his expression.

You know, he has carefully cultivated these two venomous snakes for several years.

Not only is the poison astonishing, but the speed is so fast that even martial arts masters find it difficult to guard against it.

The kid in front of him didn’t even dodge, he just waved his hand twice and killed his precious snake.

It’s really scary!

“who are you?”

Master Ron had a stern face, put away his previous contempt, and his eyes became serious.

“You are not qualified to know who I am. A scum like you would not regret dying.”

Dustin slowly raised his hand and faced Master Ron from a distance.


A scorching white light shot out in an instant, like an unsheathed sword, and suddenly pierced Master Ron’s chest.

This move seems ordinary, but in fact it contains the power to destroy the world.


Master Ron felt his breath stagnate, as if someone had choked his throat, and a fear of death suddenly enveloped his whole body.

Without any time to think, he immediately crossed his arms in front of his chest and used all his energy to form a protective shield.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

There were three explosions in a row.

With the first sound, Master Ron’s internal energy shield shattered.

With the second sound, Master Ron’s arms exploded.

With the third sound, Master Ron felt like a cannonball fired from its chamber. It flew several meters away in an instant, and hit the wall heavily, creating a crater.

There was constant bleeding between his mouth and nose.

The clothes on his chest were torn apart, revealing the protective soft armor underneath.

It’s just that the soft armor at this moment has long been damaged, and the position of the breast shield is even more dented and twisted, with a hole blasted out.


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