Chapter 1486

Chapter 1486


Seeing this scene, Owen Stratford in the corner was stunned.

He never dreamed that the famous Master Ron could not even block Dustin’s move.

That is Master Ron!

The top level of the mystical order!

Infinitely close to the existence of a martial arts master!

How is it possible that such a strong man was easily crushed by Dustin? !

“Oh? He’s not dead?”

Dustin raised his eyebrows slightly, quite surprised.

Although the blow just now used only 10% of the force, it could easily kill everyone from Grandmaster to below.

Of course, thanks to the protective soft armor, it borne part of the impact, otherwise Master Ron’s chest would have been blasted with a hole.


Master Ron coughed up two more mouthfuls of blood, and all the bones in his body seemed to fall apart.

Especially in the chest area, even with the protection of the goggles, the sternum was still shattered by the shock, and the internal organs were severely damaged.

“You…how are you so powerful? Are you a martial arts master?”

Master Ron covered his chest with a look of horror on his face.

He already has the strength of a half-step grandmaster, and the person who can defeat him head-on can only be a martial arts grandmaster.

The problem is, Dustin is obviously only in his early twenties!

How can someone be so powerful at such a young age?

Where does this guy come from? !

“No, you guessed wrong, I’m not a martial arts master.” Dustin shook his head.

“If you are not a master, how did you win me?” Master Ron questioned.

“You misunderstood. I mean, you have to add another word before ‘grandmaster’.” Dustin corrected.

“Add a word?”

Master Ron was taken aback for a moment, and then his body began to tremble as if struck by lightning: “You, you, you… are you the Ultimate Grandmaster?!”

“Congratulations, you got the answer right.” Dustin said lightly.


Master Ron shook his head wildly and couldn’t believe it at all: “How can you become a grand master at such a young age? Even the top geniuses cannot reach this level!”

What is the concept of a martial arts master in his twenties?

In the history of the Dragonmarsh Kingdom, there has never been such a monster.

For a martial artist of this age, to be able to become an innate master is already an excellent talent that all sects are vying for.

If one can reach the level of a martial arts master, looking at the whole world, one will be among the best among only a handful of people!

As for the ultimate Grandmaster of martial arts, it is simply unheard of, and it is impossible!

So he didn’t believe and couldn’t believe that the young man in front of him could have such terrifying talent and strength.

“Believe it or not.”

Dustin didn’t explain and started to approach step by step.

A few days ago, with the help of Sky Spirit Orb-pearl, he had broken through the shackles and became a ultimate Grandmaster.

It’s easy, there are no obstacles, everything is so natural.

Of course, this is all thanks to his ten years of polishing and accumulation.

So much so that after breaking the realm, his strength is actually stronger than the average Grandmaster.

“Don’t…don’t kill me…”

Master Ron panicked and knelt on the ground and frantically begged for mercy: “Senior, I know I was wrong, and I will never dare to do it again. Please spare me a chance and let me live. I promise that I will respect you and serve you as my wife in the future.” host!”

As he spoke, his head banged downwards, vomiting blood as he banged.

He looked very miserable, and he no longer had the majesty he had before.

“Are you done? Go to hell when you’re done.”

Dustin showed no mercy at all. He suddenly raised his hand and slapped Master Ron’s Tianling Cap with his palm.


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