Chapter 1489

Chapter 1489


Looking at the white-haired girl who suddenly appeared, Dustin couldn’t help being stunned for a moment, looking rather surprised.

The white-haired girl was none other than his only apprentice, Abigail Robinson.

Unexpectedly, after many days, the two would meet here.

Moreover, the current Abigail Robinson has undergone quite a change compared to before.

Not only has her appearance become more beautiful, but her aura has also become more unpredictable. There is an invisible majesty in every gesture of her body.

Obviously, after awakening her bloodline, Abigail Robinson is no longer what she used to be.

“Uncle, how are you? Are you surprised?” Abigail Robinson smiled.

“You girl, I haven’t seen you for so long, and you don’t know how to call to report your safety.” Dustin purposely put on a straight face.

Then, with his knuckles, he tapped Abigail Robinson’s head lightly.

Seeing this action, the complexions of the higher-ups of the mystical order changed drastically, and their eyes seemed to be eating people.

This kid actually dared to knock on the head of the Sorceress, he is simply audacious!

act recklessly!

However, what everyone didn’t expect was that the aloof Sorceress not only didn’t get angry after being knocked, but also looked guilty, and said delicately: “Uncle, I have been retreating and just came out a few days ago. I was too busy, so I forgot for a while.”


Seeing Abigail Robinson who looked like a little girl, the top leaders of the mystical order were dumbfounded.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, unbelievable.

what’s the situation?

Is this still the cruel and ruthless Sorceress who kills without blinking an eye?

You know, since the Sorceress came out of seclusion, she has not only used iron and blood methods to suppress many dissatisfied people.

Moreover, she single-handedly destroyed several around the whole country sects that were against the mystical order.

Since then, the voices of criticism within the mystical order have completely disappeared, and everyone is in awe of the Sorceress.

I just didn’t expect that the Sorceress who used to be cold and iron-blooded would be as docile as a rabbit in front of Dustin.

“Forget it, no matter what, I just want to see you safe.” Dustin smiled slightly.

The mystical order is a roaring dragon, and the forces inside are complicated. He is really worried about the dangers Abigail Robinson will encounter after joining the mystical order.

But now it seems that the other party should be able to cope with everything.

“Uncle, what’s going on here? Has someone provoked you?” Abigail Robinson asked smoothly.

“It’s nothing, just a small matter.”

Dustin smiled lightly: “For your sake, I won’t argue with them.”

“Grandma Eunice, what just happened?” Abigail Robinson turned her eyes.


Grandma Eunice was speechless for a moment and glanced at Master Ron who was kneeling next to her.

“you say.”

Abigail Robinson pointed at Master Ron.

Although the latter was frightened and uneasy, he could only bite the bullet and said: “Return to the Sorceress, this matter is purely a misunderstanding…”

Master Ron did not dare to hide anything and simply told what happened.

In the eyes of outsiders, he is aloof and arrogant.

But in front of the Holy Girl of mystical order, he was as humble as an ant, even breathing had to be cautious.

“Ha…so that’s it.”

After listening, Abigail Robinson suddenly laughed, but her eyes were terrifyingly cold: “Do you know who this person you are dealing with is?”

Without waiting for the three people to respond, Abigail Robinson asked and answered herself: “He is my master, my savior, and my only relative in this world!”


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