Chapter 1492

Chapter 1492

“Oh? you need so many masters of the mystical order, it seems that this business is not easy.” Dustin was a little surprised.

Behind Abigail Robinson, there are several martial arts masters.

The rest are half-step masters.

Such a tyrannical force is extremely rare, enough to compete with the four royal families.

“It’s really not easy, because the person who ordered this order is…”

Abigail Robinson was about to speak, but was interrupted by an old man behind her: “Sorceress! This is an important secret of the Witchcraft Cult, and it must not be told to outsiders!”


Abigail Robinson glanced back, and the old man’s pupils shrank in fright, and goosebumps appeared: “I’ll say it again, this is my master, not an outsider. You’d better reorganize your language.”

“I know my mistake.”

The old man immediately lowered his head in fear.

“Abigail, forget it.”

Dustin shook his head: “Since it’s a secret, I won’t listen to it. I’m afraid of trouble. The more I know, the heavier the burden. Fortunately, it’s better not to know.”

“Well…okay then.”

Abigail Robinson smiled without forcing it.

Telling this secret would indeed bring some danger to Dustin.

“Uncle, I’m a little hungry, can you take me to have supper?” Abigail Robinson said coquettishly.

“No problem! You are new to Stonia, and I will take care of you tonight as your master!”

The next day, early morning.

In a VIP ward of South City Hospital.

Owen Stratford, covered in bandages, was lying unconscious on the hospital bed.

After escaping from the tiger’s mouth last night, he fled home as soon as possible. As soon as he entered the house, he fainted and fell to the ground, and was sent to the hospital overnight for rescue.

“Doctor, how is my son? Is he in danger?”

Looking at Owen Stratford who had just come out of the operating room, Harold Stratford couldn’t help but feel worried.

“Mr. Stratford, please don’t worry. Your young master’s injuries are all superficial injuries. We have carefully cleaned them up and they are nothing serious.” A doctor replied.

“That’s good.”

Harold Stratford breathed a sigh of relief, and then asked: “But it’s been so long, why hasn’t my son woke up yet?”

“Your young master was a little frightened last night and his mood was not stable. We gave him a shot of sedative and let him have a good sleep. This will help him recover. Counting the time, he will almost wake up.” The doctor explained .

As soon as he finished speaking, Owen Stratford on the hospital bed finally slowly opened his eyes.

“Woke up! Sure enough, he is awake!”

Harold Stratford’s face lit up, and he quickly walked to the hospital bed and asked with concern: “Owen, how do you feel? Is there anything uncomfortable in your body?”

“Dad…why am I here?”

Owen Stratford looked left and right, his head still a little blurry.

“You were covered in blood when you came home last night, which shocked me. Fortunately, you were rescued in time and your life is not in danger.”

Harold Stratford said with a serious face: “Owen, what happened? Who hurt you like this? Tell dad, and dad will stand up for you!”

“last night?”

Owen Stratford was stunned at first, then seemed to remember something, his expression changed, and he exclaimed: “Dad! Please notify everyone immediately! All cooperation with the Torby Family will be canceled immediately, and all ties will be severed from now on!”


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