Chapter 1493

Chapter 1493


Looking at the emotional Owen Stratford, Harold Stratford looked confused.

Didn’t this kid break his head? What nonsense are you talking about here?

“Dad! Don’t waste time and give the order quickly, otherwise our Stratford Family will be in disaster!” Owen Stratford was very impatient.

He remembered clearly what Dustin said last night. Although he had a chance to escape, it did not mean he was truly safe.

If you continue to collude with the Torby Family, there is only one way to die!

You know, Dustin is not only a martial arts master, but also the master of the Holy Girl of the mystical order.

As long as the other party says a word, the Stratford Family can be easily destroyed.

In front of the number one evil sect in the world, not to mention the wealthy and aristocratic families, even the four major royal families have to bow their heads!

“Doctor, didn’t you say that my son is fine? Why is he talking nonsense here as soon as he wake up?” Harold Stratford turned around with a bit of questioning.


“Dad! I’m not talking nonsense, I’m serious!”

Owen Stratford looked serious: “The Torby Family is a time bomb, we must stay away, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous!”

“Owen, are you being threatened?” Harold Stratford frowned slightly.

My son is quite famous, and he has never made such a fuss before.

“Dad! For some reasons, I can’t tell you this matter clearly, but please believe me, don’t have any contact with the Torby Family, let alone deal with Dustin, he is not someone we can provoke!” Owen Stratford said solemnly road.

“Owen, we have been cooperating with the Torby Family for a long time and have close business relationships. We have been in the same boat for a long time. Besides, you and Isabela are still engaged, how can you let go of the relationship so easily?” Harold Stratford shook his head.

The price of breaking up with the Torby Family was too heavy. Without a good reason, he would naturally not do it.

“Dad, when life and death are at stake, we must cut off our arms. Even if we suffer heavy losses, we can no longer be involved with the Torby Family!” Owen Stratford looked solemn.

“Is it really that serious?”

Harold Stratford frowned: “Owen, what happened? Can you explain it more clearly?”

“Dad, I have something unspeakable and I can’t say it openly, otherwise you and I will both be in bad luck. Now, I just ask you to believe in my decision.” Owen Stratford said.


Harold Stratford touched his chin and began to think deeply.

It can be seen that the son must have been hit by something.

Otherwise, the heir to a wealthy family would not be so panicked.

And all of this is related to that Dustin.

The question is, does an unknown junior have such a great ability?

Or is the other party hiding something?

“Brother Owen…”

At this moment, Isabela walked into the ward suddenly, holding a fruit basket in her hand.

“Isabela is here? Sit down.”

Harold Stratford greeted her with a smile, keeping his expression calm.

“Uncle Harold.”

Isabela said hello first, then looked at Owen Stratford, who was covered in bandages, and said in surprise, “Brother Owen! What happened? How did you get hurt like this?”

“Humph! It’s no thanks to you that I’m like this!” Owen Stratford said angrily.

“Me?” Isabela froze for a moment: “Brother Owen, are you kidding me? that’s none of my business?”

“I’m the one who wipes your butt when your Torby Family gets into trouble. No matter what happens, I’m the first one to do it. Now that I’m injured like this, do you dare to say that you have nothing to do with it?” Owen Stratford said with a cold face.

In the past, the overall situation was the most important thing. For the sake of the marriage between the two families, they tried to please Isabela in every way.

As for now, what the hell!


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