Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495

Torby Family, in the meeting hall.

Isabela, who had just returned home, confided all the grievances she had suffered in the hospital in front of her parents.

“Dad! Mom! That Owen Stratford is really disgusting!”

“He not only wants to divorce, but also breaks with our Torby Family. I just asked a few words, but he actually hit me.”

“Look at my face, how has it been beaten by him? I don’t care, you must stand up for me this time!”

Isabela vented the anger in her heart, and she looked out of breath.

She is the daughter of a wealthy family, and now she is being divorced and slapped in the face, so she can’t bear it anymore.

“Isabela, calm down first.”

Kevin raised his hand and pressed it down, and asked doubtfully: “This child Owen has always been mature and steady, how could he do such a thing? Did you two have a quarrel?”

“How would I know?”

Isabela puffed her lips: “I heard that he was injured last night, so I went to the hospital this morning to express condolences. But when he saw me, he went crazy, scolding me, and beating me. It’s really bullying.” Too much!”

“That’s weird.”

Kevin rubbed his chin: “Owen doesn’t seem like such a careless person, why did he suddenly become like this? What happened?”

The relationship between the two has always been good. Normally speaking, even if it is a small fight between lovers, it will not reach this level.

“Brother Kevin, call Harold Stratford and ask what’s going on?”

Sophia said coldly: “The two of them dare to touch each other before they are married. What will happen after they get married? Our daughter cannot be bullied for no reason.”

“Let me check what’s going on.”

Kevin nodded, took out his mobile phone, and dialed Harold Stratford’s private number.

As a result, he called several times in a row but no one picked call.

Kevin frowned slightly, a little disbelieving: “We, Torby and Stratford, have cooperated for many years and have a close relationship in various businesses. If we break up, both of us will suffer heavy losses. I believe Harold Stratford is not so stupid.”

“If it’s a normal situation, of course it won’t happen. I’m afraid that the Stratford Family was threatened and have to cut off their tails to survive.” Sophia was very calm.

“Threat? In the entire South City. Who can threaten the Stratford Family?” Kevin was even more surprised.

Sophia didn’t answer directly, but looked at her daughter and asked, “Isabela, did Owen Stratford explain the reason to you? Or, what did he reveal?”

“He did say some unintelligible things.”

Isabela said thoughtfully: “Before leaving, Owen Stratford warned me that we should return the things owed to Dustin, otherwise disaster will happen soon!”

“Wait! Dustin? Is it this guy who is causing trouble?” Kevin asked suspiciously.

“I guess it’s the pressure from the Thompson and Lancaster families, right? Otherwise, how would Dustin be able to do this?” Isabela added.

“It makes sense.” Kevin touched his chin.

The Thompson family and the Lancaster Family jointly exerted pressure, coupled with the temptation of large sums of money from Jade Dew Ointment.

Under coercion and inducement, the Stratford Family chose to betray and break with the Torby Family.

It all made sense.

“No matter what the reason is, the Stratford Family can no longer be trusted. We must find another ally.” Sophia said.

“Mom, I am best friends with Victoria Sterling of the Sterling family, and we have always had a good relationship. If the Sterling family helps, our Torby Family will still be as stable as Mount Tai!” Isabela said.

“The Sterling family? It’s indeed a good choice.”

With that left only one question, why the Harold Stratford never answered call.

“I guess he is busy and don’t have time to answer the phone.” Kevin tried to explain.

“Busy! What can the father and son doing in the hospital? In my opinion, they just didn’t answer the phone on purpose!” Isabela exposed it mercilessly.

“Sophia, what do you think?” Kevin asked with his head turned.

“This matter is weird. If what Isabela said is true, then the Stratford Family may break with our Torby Family.” Sophia analyzed.

“Break? How is it possible?”


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