Chapter 1499

Chapter 1499

“You…you are arrogant!”

After being exposed, Julie Amberson’s complexion changed, and she became angry and said: “My surname is Miss Montgomery I am now from Lord Eugene Montgomery’s palace, how dare you disrespect me? Are you tired of living?!”

“Okay, stop pretending in front of me. It’s not the first day we’ve met. I know all about your virtues.” Dustin’s expression did not change.


Julie Amberson glared and shouted: “You are such a scornful fellow, I am no longer what I used to be. My current status is something that a loser like you will never be able to reach in a lifetime! I order you to kneel on the ground immediately and say goodbye to me.” I apologize, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences!”

“The villain succeeds.”

Dustin sneered: “Do you really think that by climbing to a high branch, you can be arrogant and domineering?”

“So what if I’m a domineering young lady? Do you still dare to go against Lord Eugene Montgomery’s Mansion?”

Julie Amberson took out the golden token again and said arrogantly: “The surname is Miss Montgomery Keep your eyes open and see, what is this thing?!”

“The token of Lord Eugene Montgomery’s Mansion?”

Dustin said meaningfully: “This treasure, couldn’t you have stolen it?”

As soon as these words came out, Julie Amberson couldn’t help but panic flashed in her eyes.

She had indeed stolen the golden order from Lord Eugene Montgomery’s house from Ms.Dahlia Nicolson’s room. She originally wanted to take this opportunity to show off her power, but she ended up meeting a stupid young man like Dustin.

It made her a little bit unable to get off the stage.

However, she naturally would not admit it in this situation, so she could only bite the bullet and shout: “You…you fart! This token is clearly mine!”

“Really? Then I would like to ask, what is your relationship with Lord Eugene Montgomery? Why did he give you the token?” Dustin continued to ask.

“It’s none of your business! What did Lord Eugene Montgomery do? Do I still need to explain it to a loser like you?” Julie Ambersonhong shouted inwardly.

“Hey, you’d better be respectful when you speak. If you dare to speak rudely to uncle again, be careful I tear your mouth apart.” Abigail Robinson said calmly.

Although her face was calm, the murderous intent in her eyes was not concealed at all.

Being stared at by her like this, Julie Amberson felt a chill on her back and was inexplicably afraid.

But when she thought of her identity, she immediately became hardened: “Humph! Are you scaring me? Do you know who I am? Do you know who is standing behind me? Do you believe that as long as I say a word, you can Let the two of you evaporate!”

“You can try.” Abigail Robinson suddenly laughed.

But his eyes became extremely fierce.

“Okay! You asked for this!”

Julie Amberson raised her hand and shouted: “Come here! Arrest these two guys who don’t know whether to live or die!”


After receiving the order, a group of strong bodyguards immediately surrounded him with eager eyes.

“This boy is so brave! He actually dares to challenge Lord Eugene Montgomery’s Mansion. Aren’t he afraid of death?”

“I guess he still doesn’t know how terrifying the energy of Lord Eugene Montgomery’s Mansion is. This means that newborn calves are not afraid of tigers!”


Everyone in the lobby pointed and whispered.

In their opinion, Dustin’s behavior just now was undoubtedly jumping repeatedly on the edge of death.

Even the elites of the wealthy Palmer family had to kowtow and beg for mercy when they saw Julie Amberson, let alone a poor boy wearing shabby clothes?


Just when the bodyguards were about to take action, a loud shout resounded through the lobby.

Everyone followed the sound and saw Hazel Lancaster, dressed in s*xy clothes and with a hot figure, walking in quickly with a few people.


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