Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502

The problem is, after all the harsh words were said just now, if she step back now, wouldn’t she be slapping herself in the face?

How can she still hang out in the circle in the future?

Just when she was at a loss, a cold voice suddenly came over.

”Miss Amberson, how can you use a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken? Just leave it to us to deal with such a small character.”

As the voice sounded, two young women with luxurious clothes and good looks walked in the door side by side.

The woman on the left, dressed in red, full of arrogance and nobility, is Isabela!

The woman on the right, dressed in white, with a cold expression and the same aloof attitude, is Victoria Sterling, who has met Dustin several times!

When they were in the provincial capital of South City Province, the two initially clashed in the kindergarten, and later met at the racecourse of General Murray’s Mansion. The two sides were very unhappy.

Unexpectedly, after many days, the two met again here.

”Miss Sterling?”

Julie Amberson couldn’t help but look happy when she saw the visitor.

She knew her help had arrived.

”Miss Amberson, let me introduce to you. The person next to me is the daughter of the wealthy Torby Family and is also my best friend.” Victoria Sterling stretched out her hand to guide Isabela.

”It turns out to be Miss Isabela. Nice to meet you.” Julie Amberson smiled and extended her hand.

Only a daughter of a wealthy family like this is qualified to be her friend.

”Hello, Miss Amberson.”

Isabela smiled slightly, responded politely, and then said: “Miss Amberson, you seem to be in some trouble, do you need our help?”

“I encountered a rude person, and I was about to call someone to take action. Fortunately, you two arrived in time.” Julie Amberson pretended to be indifferent.

”Don’t worry, Miss Amberson. With our two sisters here, he won’t be able to make any big waves!”

Victoria Sterling turned her eyes, looked at Dustin, and said coldly: “Dustin! You didn’t expect it, did you? We met again. It was your territory in the provincial capital before, and I never had the chance to take revenge. Now it’s my territory. Isn’t it time we calculated the general ledger?”

“Oh? How do you want to settle the score?” Dustin raised his eyebrows slightly.

”First of all, apologize to Miss Amberson and ask for her forgiveness; secondly, apologize to me and ask for my forgiveness; finally, apologize to Isabela and ask for Isabela’s forgiveness. After you have done all this, we will consider it again. Do you want me to spare you?” Victoria Sterling said with an arrogant look.

”Apologise? What are you thinking?” Dustin sneered.

”Dustin, I advise you to think carefully before answering.”

Victoria Sterling threatened coldly: “I represent the Sterling family, Isabela represents the Torby Family, Miss Amberson represents the Miss Montgomery Prince’s Palace, we have two wealthy families and one royal family, looking at How many people in the entire Stonia can resist? If you don’t want to die in an ugly way, just do as I’m told!”

As soon as these words came out, there was quite a stir around.

”I’ll go! Isn’t this kid too cruel? He has offended so many big shots all at once?” “

Two wealthy families and one king, who the hell can stand up to this?”

”If it were me, I’d probably be scared to death.”

Everyone Whispering, everyone looked at Dustin with eyes full of admiration.

Of course, it’s more about sympathy.

If he don’t pray for the three daughters’ forgiveness today, I’m afraid he won’t be able to see the sun tomorrow.

”Two wealthy families and one royal family sounds scary, but unfortunately, you three can’t represent your own family.” Dustin’s expression remained unchanged.

”So, you are going to fight to the end?” Victoria Sterling narrowed her eyes.

”So what? Do you really think you’ve got me?”

Dustin said calmly: “I would like to advise you, it’s best not to mess with me, otherwise, it will be too late for you to regret it.” “

Hmph! What a shameless statement!”

Victoria Sterling said coldly. She snorted: “Since you are so reckless, don’t blame me for being rude! Come on! Give him a hard slap! Hit him until he cries!”


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