Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504

Although I don’t know what happened, it’s clear that this poison is not trivial.

“How could this happen?”

The three of them looked at each other and their eyebrows were deeply locked.

There are so many people in the lobby, why only their guards fell? No one else has anything?

Is this so-called poison still able to distinguish the enemy and friend?

Is it too exaggerated?

“Dustin? Are you f*cking?” Julie Anderson quickly reacted.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I did nothing.” Dustin spread his hands.

“Dare to quibble? It’s clearly that you are secretly black-handed, you guy with heart disease!” Julie Anderson drank.

“Dustin! Hand over the antidote immediately, or I will kill you, I want you to be buried!” Victoria Sterling shouted.

The people she brought out today are all senior guards of the Sterling Family, not only strong and loyal.

It was the Sterling Family who smashed heavy money and worked hard to cultivate the elite.

Losing one or two fortunately, if all the inexplicable deaths are here, she will definitely be asked to be guilty when she returns.

Even, it will be served by family law.

“I said it has nothing to do with me.”

Dustin: “Take a step back and said, even if it is really my poison, why should I hand over the antidote don’t forget, you guys are making trouble here.”

“I don’t care so much! If you don’t hand over the antidote, you will be the enemy of the entire Sterling Family!” Victoria Sterling threatened.

“It doesn’t matter, anyway, it has torn its face, and the big deal is that the fish is broken.” Dustin said with a straigt face.

“You——!” Victoria Sterling was choked.

She didn’t expect Dustin to be so difficult, he didn’t care about the threat of Sterling family at all.

It’s a rack that broke the jar.

“Dustin, as long as you hand over the antidote, we will not care about you today.” Isabela spoke.

“You don’t care about me, but you want me care about you.”

Dustin was not forgiving: “Now, I want you three to apologize to me in public and compensate for my mental loss, otherwise you will have more trouble.”

“Apologies? In your dream!” Victoria Sterling said.

“Dustin! You are playing with fire!” Julie Anderson has a gloomy face.

“Dustin! We have been patient enough, if you are stubborn, you will be at your own risk! ”Isabela threatened.

They are noble and powerful. How could they apologize to an untouchable at the bottom of society?

If it spreads, how can they still face other peoples?

“Wait? My body…”

At this time, Victoria Sterling seemed to be aware of something strange. Just about to speak, her legs suddenly softened and she collapsed on the spot.

“Head hurts! My head hurts! ”

Victoria Sterling covered her head, her face was painful, and her mouth kept wailing.


Isabela changed her face and realized to reach out to help others. And as, she reached half way and fell to the ground.

Julie Anderson is no exception, and she also falls immediately afterwards.

The symptoms of the three of them are similar to the guards who fell before. They are all soft, with head pain and bloodshot eyes.

“Daa……Dustin, what did you do to us?” Isabela roared angrily.

Uncle “did nothing, everything is my masterpiece.”

At this time, Abigale suddenly stepped forward and smiled and said: “It is really not concealed. This is the latest poison I have developed. Only I can solve it all over the world. The poisoned person will be powerless, headache and last seven min’s and then they bleed and died. ”

“Of course, you don’t have to be too nervous. The process of death is very short, and it will be done in about three or five minutes.”

“So, please bear with me a little bit and pass quickly.”


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