Chapter 1505

Chapter 1505

Looking at the face with a smile, it looks like Abigale, a sinister next door.

The three of them only felt numb and sweaty.

The other party clearly looked like a harmless woman, but what she said was so vicious.

They were poisoned and they were to bear it.

Is she special human?


“Who are you? How dare you poison us? What a bold courage!” Victoria Sterling’s shameless roar.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. The question now is, what do you choose?”

Abigale smiled: “You have only two options, either, poisoned to death, or apologize to uncle and then compensate for the loss.”

“Want us to apologize? There are no doors!” Victoria Sterling was dissatisfied.

As a result, her voice just fell, and the pain in her head suddenly increased, and she began to scream and wailing again.

“I don’t care who you are, hand over the antidote immediately, otherwise you will be in trouble!” Isabela is still trying to threaten.

“The disaster is coming?”

Abigale squatted with a smile, and looked quietly at Isabela, saying: “Your surname is Torby, right? In that case……I will poison your family too, then who will make me suffer?”

“How dare you!”

Isabela’s pupils shrank, and she was frightened and angry.

Isn’t this woman a lunatic in front of her? Dare to threaten the entire Torby family?

The most important thing is that she has an illusion as if the other party can really do it.

“You dare not try it and you will know.”

Abigale smiled slightly: “After you die, I will let your family go down and bury with you, so that you will not be too lonely below, Am I very intimate?”

“You……You madwomen!”

Isabela gritted her teeth and only felt a cold shower in the back.

“You still have five minutes to consider.”

Abigale stretched out five fingers and dangled in front of their eyes, and she laughed. You have five minutes. After that, you will be died by my poison. By then, it will be too late.”

“Stinky lady!I’m from Lord Eugene Montgomery’s family. If you dare to kill me, Lord Eugene Montgomery will never let you go!” Julie Anderson’s free-flat drink.

Now, she only hopes to shock the crazy woman in front of her with the reputation of Lord Eugene Montgomery.

“Oh……What about then?”

The face of Abigale did not changed: “Anyway, you will not see it in the future. I am dead or alive. What does it have to do with you?”

“You——!”!<Julie Anderson was angry.

How did the other party look like Dustin, without fear of threat or retaliation.

Typical barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes.

“No, no, my head is about to burst with pain”

Victoria Sterling held her head with her hands and made a scream.

At this moment, her mouth and nose have begun to bleed, because of severe pain, the entire face is twisted, and she looked extremely grim.

It may be that the physique is too virtuous. Of the three, she is in the most serious situation.

“Don’t be nervous, take a deep breath, only three minutes left, boil it, and it will pass quickly.” Abigale issued a goodwill reminder.

However, she heard a something in the back of the people around her.

“Little handsome guy, if this happens, it will be really big disaster?” Hazel Lancaster looked at Dustin next to her eyes, and was a bit palpitated.

Abigale looked simple and cute, but her behavior was crazy.

If the three of them were poisoned here, the two rich and the royal family would be angry.

By then, all relevant personnel will have to die without burial!

“No problem, nothing can go wrong.” The surface of Dustin is calm.

Isabela is so precious that she is very desperate and cannot risk her life. So he concluded that the three would not last long.


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