Chapter 1511

Looking at the familiar face from the past, Dustin took a deep breath and said coldly: “Dahlia, it’s not that I’m stubborn, but that you are too self-righteous. Why do you think that everything is my fault? How do you think that everything is my fault?” Why do you think I can’t afford to offend these people?”

“Now that things have happened, do you still want to quibble?”

Dahlia frowned and said, “I asked you clearly just now. It’s clearly your fault. Don’t think that you can be tyrannical in Stonia just by relying on someone’s support. There are hidden dragons and crouching tigers here, and it is definitely not a place where you can run wild!”

“Forget it, I don’t want to talk nonsense to you. You can think whatever you want.” Dustin shook his head, too lazy to argue.

It was like this before the amnesia, and it remained the same after the amnesia. He really couldn’t complain.

“Dustin! What’s your attitude? I tried my best to persuade you, but you just didn’t listen. Will you really regret it when disaster strikes?” Dahlia said in a lecturing tone.

She is kind enough, giving every opportunity, hoping that the people in front of her can find their way back.

Unfortunately, little effect was achieved.

“Abigail, detoxify the poison and let them leave. Don’t affect our business.” Dustin was a little impatient and really didn’t want to get entangled.

Every time he meets Dahlia, he always gets very depressed. Are they really incompatible?

“Okay, I’ve had enough fun, I’ll let you go for now.”

Abigail smiled slightly, then waved her hand gently, and a cloud of smoke poured into Gary Montgomery’s nostrils.

Gary Montgomery, who had just been wailing in pain, was quickly relieved.

But at this moment, he looked extremely embarrassed.

His hair was disheveled, his body was soaked, his mouth and nose were bleeding, and he was no longer the same demeanor as before.

“Damn it! How dare you poison me? You…”

Gary Montgomery’s eyes were split open and he was filled with resentment. When he was about to say something threatening, Dahlia raised her hand to stop him: “Okay, don’t intensify the conflict, or you may be poisoned again.”

Hearing this, Gary Montgomery gritted his teeth and finally held back.

Although he is a warrior, he is still very wary of meeting such a master of poison.

The most important thing is that he can’t resist Abigail’s poison. There is really no point in speaking harshly at this time. On the contrary, it will easily make these people jump over the wall.

Of course, he would never let go of today’s revenge.

“What about me? Where’s my antidote?”

Julie Anderson pointed at herself and asked again and again.

“Don’t be nervous. You won’t die for the time being. Why prevent you from taking revenge? I will send someone to deliver your antidote to you in three days.” Abigail said.

“What? Wait another three days? What if I can’t stand it anymore?” Julie Anderson panicked.

“If you can’t stand it, you’re out of luck.” Abigail said solemnly.

“You——!” Julie Anderson was furious for a moment, but did not dare to anger Abigail. She could only look at Dahlia and asked for help: “Cousin, what should I do? My poison has not been cured yet.”

“I believe she won’t dare to act recklessly, let’s just wait another three days.” Dahlia said flatly.

“Ah?” Julie Anderson’s face froze and she almost cried.

When she thought about the deadly poison lurking in her body at all times, her calves felt weak.

There are still three days left, this is simply torture!

“Dustin, I don’t care about today’s matter with you, but please don’t hit a stone with a pebble in the future!”

After coldly dropping a word, Dahlia turned and left.

“Today’s business is not over yet, let’s wait and see!”

Gary Montgomery glanced at Dustin and Abigail resentfully, and then left with a group of people.


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