Chapter 1512

“Little handsome guy, we seem to have a big deal.”

Looking at the people leaving, Hazel Lancaster looked worried: “It’s okay for the Sterling Family and the Torby family. With the support of Mr. Thompson, we can still deal with it, but Lord Eugene Montgomery Mansion is not easy to offend, whether it is Dahlia or Gary Montgomery. They are not people we can offend.”

In fact, she is not too worried about Dahlia. She has a good reputation and always does what she says, so this matter should not matter.

But Gary Montgomery is different. The other party has a very bad reputation. He has a reputation for being unyielding and will resort to all possible means if he fails to achieve his goal.

Offending such a powerful villain is undoubtedly a big trouble.

“Don’t worry, Miss Lancaster. They are the cause of the trouble. If they want to cause trouble, they can definitely come after us and it will not affect the company.” Dustin said.

“Little handsome boy, I’m not afraid of being implicated. What I mean is that you should go outside to avoid the limelight to avoid retaliation.” Hazel Lancaster advised.

“I can hide for a while, but I can’t hide for a lifetime. Escape is not the solution to the problem. Besides, I am not afraid of any revenge.”

Dustin said calmly: “If they just let it go, they can still live in peace. If they have to fight to the death, I will let them understand what regret means.”

“That’s right!”

Abigail raised her lips and said excitedly: “If they dare to mess around, I will poison them all!”

“Ah this…”

Hazel Lancaster’s expression froze, she was speechless.

This crazy girl can’t be judged by common sense at all, even she dared to poison people from Lord Eugene Montgomery’s family.

If she really want to go crazy, there is no one dare to stop her.

“Abigale, your poison, you’d better use it with caution in the future.”

At this time, Dustin suddenly said earnestly: “I will not interfere with your decision, but I hope that you will not lose your heart.”

She was just such an apprentice, so he naturally didn’t want to see her turn into a murderous maniac.

“Okay, okay, I see.”

Abigail took Dustin’s arm and said coquettishly: “I will be careful in the future, and I will never kill innocent people randomly, I can assure you!”

“As long as you understand.”

Dustin smiled slightly and looked sideways at Hazel Lancaster: “Miss Lancaster, this is my apprentice. She needs to order some Jade Dew Ointment. Can you give her a discount?”

“What you’re saying is obvious. We’re all one family. Let alone discounts, it’s free.” Hazel Lancaster was very generous.

“Hehe…Thank you, beautiful sister!” Abigail’s eyes lit up and she immediately cheered.


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