Chapter 1513

“Ding ding ding…”

The phone rang, and Dustin answered it. It was Ethan Langford’s call.

“My lord, I’m at the entrance of Lancaster’s Medicine, and I have something very important to report, can I have an interview?” Ethan Langford said straight to the point.

“Okay, I’ll come out right away.”

Dustin nodded, didn’t say much, and hung up the phone directly.

“Miss Lancaster, take Abigail around, I have something urgent to do.”

After Dustin said hello, he immediately walked out of the company.

He only asked Ethan Langford to do two things, one is to find the elixir to cure the disease, and the other is to investigate the truth ten years ago.

No matter what it is, it is very important to him.

Walking out of the gate, Dustin saw a very ordinary black car parked across the street from a distance.

The car window was lowered, Ethan Langford showed half of his face, and raised his hand to Dustin.

Dustin glanced around and found that no one was paying attention, then he got into the car.

The windows were raised, the vehicle started, and began to move forward at a constant speed.

“Mr Langford, what kind of news do you have for asking me to meet so urgently?” Dustin was the first to speak.

“Young prince, I have already inquired about the whereabouts of Ice Heart lotus and Golden Marrow Jade, but it is a bit difficult to get them.” Ethan Langford did not sell out.

“Oh?” Dustin raised his eyebrows slightly, a little strange: “With Mr Langford’s connections, can’t he even get two elixirs?”

“If it is in the hands of ordinary dignitaries, I will naturally offer it with both hands, and I don’t need the little prince to bother; but unfortunately, the location of these two elixir is not a place where I can easily set foot.” Ethan Langford looked serious.

“What is it about this place that makes Mr Langford so fearful?” Dustin became even more curious.

“To be honest, the golden marrow jade you want is now in the Lord Eugene Montgomery’s family, and it is also Mark Montgomery’s personal item. This treasure can be used to increase the speed of cultivation, so Mark Montgomery has always carefully treasured it, and no one can touch it.” Ethan Langford explained.

“Mark Montgomery? Why does it sound familiar?” Dustin squinted in thought.

“Mark Montgomery is the genius of Lord Eugene Montgomery’s palace, and one of the four young masters of Stonia. He is as famous as God of War – Adam Spanner. He is gifted, powerful, and has great military achievements. Now he is the War God stone respected by everyone in the Dragonmarsh Kingdom!” Ethan Langford looked serious.

There are five gods of war in the Dragonmarsh Kingdom, each guarding one side.

Among them, Scarlet Spanner, the Goddess of War, is the most famous.

The War God stone Mark Montgomery is said to be the most powerful.

In his early thirties, he is already a veteran on the battlefield. He has fought for more than ten years in his life and has fought hundreds of battles, large and small, without ever losing.

Tens of thousands of enemies died at his hands, a real enemy of ten thousand people on the battlefield!

His achievements are unparalleled among the younger generation.

Only the twin stars of the Spanner family can barely hold back their limelight.

“The genius of Lord Eugene Montgomery’s palace? One of the four young masters of Stonia?”

Dustin squinted his eyes and pondered for a few seconds, then suddenly said: “Oh… I remember! Isn’t Mark Montgomery the guy who challenged me publicly back then, but was beaten by me with three moves?”


The corners of Ethan Langford’s mouth twitched and he was speechless for a moment.

Invisible pretense is the most deadly.

He almost forgot that the man in front of him was Krin, who swept the entire Stonia young talent list back then.

A monster among monsters, an unrivaled existence.

“My young prince, things are different now. Mark Montgomery now is definitely not the stupid young man he was ten years ago.”


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