Chapter 1522

While talking, he waved in all directions without any airs.

“Is this the legendary Prince Eugene Montgomery? Why is it different from what you imagined?”

Looking at the amiable fat uncle in front of her, Abigail couldn’t help but feel a little strange.

In her eyes, the prince should be very domineering and majestic, a being that makes people worship him just by looking at him.

However, Mark Montgomery’s appearance and temperament made her a little disappointed.

“Do you think he doesn’t fit the image of a prince?” Dustin asked with a smile.

“Yes, he looks no different from ordinary people. Compared with Mark Montgomery, he is far different.” Abigail nodded.

“Abigail, if you think so, you are totally wrong.”

Dustin shook his head: “Although Mark Montgomery is powerful now, in the last, one has to stand on the shoulders of giants and build a career. This not only has a higher starting point, but is also easier. On the other hand, Prince Eugene Montgomery himself started from scratch and relied on his own strength. Only those who have the power to become princes and kings can be considered true heroes!”

Much of Mark Montgomery’s success today is due to Mark Montgomery’s personal connections and various massive resources.

The two are completely different.

“It seems to make sense.” Abigail nodded thoughtfully.

“As for the so-called image, when it reaches the level of Prince Eugene Montgomery, he doesn’t care at all.”

Dustin sighed with some emotion: “In fact, fame, money, prestige, and even power are not that important to them.”

“Even money is not important, what else is important?” Abigail asked tentatively.

“What they care more about now is spiritual and emotional satisfaction.” Dustin said.

“Oh~ I understand. No wonder Prince Eugene Montgomery has adopted so many adopted sons and daughters. It turns out to be because of this.” Abigail suddenly understood.

“That’s right.” Dustin smiled.

“By the way, uncle, how do you know so much?” Abigail was a little curious.

“Me? I’m just guessing.” Dustin shrugged.

Some people become more affectionate as they get older.

When you were young, you were all kinds of unsentimental, but when you get older, you value feelings more than anything else.

“It is my honor for you all to come to my humble residence today. If there is any lack of hospitality, please forgive me.”

Eugene Montgomery walked all the way through the door, clasping his fists and giving various gifts in return.

Regardless of the identity of the visitor, regardless of whether he is in a high position or not, everyone is treated with courtesy, without any favoritism.

After the greetings were complete, Eugene Montgomery finally sat down.

At this time, Mark Montgomery, who had changed into casual clothes, strode into the door with his head held high.

As soon as he appeared on the stage, he attracted everyone’s attention.

“Father, today is your birthday. Your son wishes you a dragon-horse spirit, good fortune, longevity and good health!” Mark Montgomery saluted with cupped hands.

“Mark, you hold an important position and should be guarding the Eastern Territory. Why do you need to go there personally for such a trivial matter?” Mark Montgomery said seriously.

“My adoptive father’s birthday is a big deal to me. Besides, the Eastern Territory is now stable and there won’t be any problems. Please rest assured, my adoptive father.” Mark Montgomery said respectfully.

“That’s good.” Eugene Montgomery nodded.

“Father, this time I brought a special gift from the East to celebrate your birthday. I hope you will like it.”

Mark Montgomery said, reaching out and clapped his hands.

Soon, an iron cage covered with black cloth was carried in by a group of big men.

When the iron cage fell to the ground, it made a loud “boom” sound, which made the wine on the table tremble.

“Father, please look!”

Mark Montgomery grabbed the black cloth and pulled it off with force, clearly displaying the contents of the iron cage in front of everyone.


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