Chapter 1526

Julie clutches her broken arm and screams again and again. She never dreamed that the black tiger would suddenly attack and hurt someone.

“What’s going on?”

Everyone was shocked when they saw this scene.

Black Tiger was very docile before, no matter how others touched him, he didn’t make any aggressive moves, why did he go crazy all of a sudden? Could it be that the woman who was bitten was some kind of treacherous person?

Just when everyone was in shock and doubt. Black Tiger animal pupils suddenly turned red.

It did not continue to attack Julie, but turned to Dahlia, who was at the same table, grinning with a fierce expression.

“Roar!” Black Tiger roared, and his huge body suddenly pounced forward.

“Quick! Stop it!” Mark Montgomery roared.

The escort team, which had been well prepared, immediately threw out a large steel wire net, trapping the black tiger firmly.

Immediately afterwards, rows of powerful tranquilizer guns shot at Black Tiger continuously.

However, at this moment, Black Tiger had completely gone crazy and became extremely irritable. Its huge body twisted wildly, its sharp nails were like steel claws, and with just one tug, it tore the special steel mesh into pieces.

“Come together!”

Seeing this scene, the guards did not dare to hesitate and immediately took out their weapons and tried to suppress it with force. However, the Black Tiger was too fast and powerful, and the guards could not stop it at all. As soon as they stepped forward to stop him, they were slapped away by the black tiger.

In just a few seconds, a convoy of more than a dozen people was beaten to pieces. Several people died and some injured.

After taking care of the escort team, Black Tiger ignored them and continued to pounce on Dahlia, as if there was some deep hatred between the two parties.

“Stop! stop there!” Florence was so frightened that she slumped on the ground and screamed again and again.

Dahlia’s face was also pale, startled and frightened. She didn’t understand why Black Tiger would target her when she clearly didn’t do anything?

“Roar!” Black Tiger roared, charging fiercely and unstoppably.

Dahlia was desperate, her mind went blank. Just when everyone thought that Dahlia was about to be torn apart by the black tiger, a figure suddenly descended from the sky and stood in front of her. Then he punched Black Tiger fiercely on the head.


There was a loud explosion. Black Tiger’s huge body, as if hit by a train, instantly bounced seven or eight meters away, smashing two tables before stopping.

Dustin stood in front of Dahlia and said coldly.

“You evil beast! Don’t hurt anyone!”

“Roar!” Black Tiger shook his head, stood up again, then kicked his limbs hard, and turned into a black streak. Shadow, pounced on Dustin and Abigail the two of them.

Dustin snorted coldly, jumped up, dodged the black tiger’s attack, and stepped on its head.


As if Mount Tai was pressing down on him, the black tiger soared into the air and was directly stepped down by Dustin. The huge force caused Black Tiger’s entire head to hit the ground hard, creating a crater. Dustin just stood on top of Black Tiger head like a mountain, no matter how Black Tiger struggled Roaring, all to no avail.

For a moment, the audience was shocked!


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