Chapter 1527


The black tiger’s huge head was stepped into the pothole, and the angry roar was deafening.

His body twisted wildly, and his limbs kept kicking the ground, causing stones to fly and claw marks all over the ground. However, no matter how Black Tiger moved, he just couldn’t break free.

Dustin was like a sea-fixing needle, suppressing Black Tiger to death.

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t help being dumbfounded. No one expected that Dustin would be so brave and suppress the powerful black tiger with just his own strength.

You know, the dozen or so heavily armed escorts just now were unable to deal with this vicious creature. Its ferocity can be seen. After all, who can be selected as the escort team of the God of war stone, who is not one of the best in a thousand?

So many masters couldn’t restrain Black Tiger, but was easily subdued by a young man with thin body. Really shocking.



“Roar!” Black Tiger continued to roar and struggle, its red eyes staring in the direction of Dahlia, burning with madness.

“Evil beast!” Dustin snorted coldly, raised his foot again and stamped it down hard.


Black Tiger’s head sank a few points again as if struck by lightning. Within a radius of ten meters, the ground was covered with cracks, like a huge spider web.

After this severe injury, the black tiger’s roar finally gradually became smaller, and its huge body seemed to have lost its strength and no longer struggled. Only heavy breathing and moaning were left.

“Quick! Lock up this beast!” Mark Montgomery didn’t realize until then that he had stepped forward to help.

Soon, the powerless black tiger was tied up with chains, then dragged into a special iron cage, and finally covered with black cloth to hide his fierce appearance.

After confirming that there was no danger, everyone breathed a long sigh of relief. The situation just now was too dangerous. The black tiger suddenly went crazy and was unstoppable. If there were no warriors who came to rescue them in time, no one knows how many people would have been killed or injured.

“Father! It was my lax taming that caused the black tiger to hurt people. Please punish me, stepfather!” Mark Montgomery simply knelt down on the ground and took the initiative to admit his mistake.

Eugene Montgomery frowned slightly, but soon returned to normal, and said calmly “That’s all, a beast is a beast after all, and its nature is untamable. I can’t blame you for such an accident. But for the person who was injured just now, you have to hire the best doctor. The treatment must not be neglected.”

“Thank you foster father for your forgiveness, your son will definitely make up for it!”

After Mark Montgomery finished speaking, he immediately ordered people to clean up the scene. Black Tiger was carried away quickly, and all injured people, including Julie, were sent to the hospital for treatment. As for the few guards who died, they also received a lot of money and a medal of honor.

The problem seemed to be resolved, but there was quite a commotion in the banquet hall.

“Strange, why did the black tiger suddenly go crazy? Didn’t it mean that it was spiritual?” The tiger will find treacherous and evil people and will take action.

“The one who was attacked just now is Prince Eugene Montgomery’s latest adopted daughter, right? Does she have any evil intentions?“

Everyone whispered and speculated.


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