Chapter 1531

“Uncle, now that we have the things, can we run away?” Abigail asked.

“Not in a hurry.”

Dustin shook his head: “If we leave early, it will be easy to be suspected. Let’s sit for a while and wait until someone takes a stand before we leave.”

“Okay, anyway, there is food, drinks and shows here, and they’re all free, so I’m really reluctant to leave like this.” Abigail smiled.

With so many delicacies from mountains and seas, delicious wine, it would probably cost tens of thousands of dollars outside, but here they can all have for free.

What a pleasure.

“Mr. Dustin…”

At this time, Dahlia suddenly came over and said with a smile: “Thanks to you for saving me before, otherwise I would have been killed long ago. This is a little present from me, I hope you can accept it.”

While speaking, she took out a jade tablet and handed it over with both hands.

The back of the jade plaque is exquisitely carved with dragons and phoenixes, while the front is engraved with a large Montgomery character.

“You’re welcome, Miss Nicolson. It’s just a little effort. And even if I don’t take action, I believe there will be many brave heroes to save the beauty.” Dustin did not take credit.

He took the risk to come to the rescue purely because of his past friendship and did not ask for anything.

“No matter what, it was you who saved me, so I have to show some respect. This jade token is the guest order from Montgomery Palace. If anything happens to you in the future, you can come to me through this jade token, and I will definitely help you.” “Dahlia pushed the jade sign forward again.

“This…” Dustin stopped talking.

“Beautiful sister, this jade plaque you gave me should be very valuable, right?” Abigail asked expectantly.


Dahlia was stunned for a moment, then nodded and said with a smile, “That’s right.”

The guest order from Montgomery Palace is said to be a priceless treasure. How can it be measured by money?

With it, it is equivalent to having Montgomery Palace as a backer. This kind of opportunity cannot be obtained by many rich people who have lost all their money.

“Hehe, then we will accept it!”

After hearing that it was valuable, Abigail immediately took the jade token without saying a word.

Even if you don’t use it yourself, you can still sell it to others. Don’t give up on a treasure like this.

“Thank you, Miss Nicolson.” Dustin no longer refused.

Excessive politeness will make people feel malicious.

“Mr. Dustin, enjoy it slowly, and I won’t disturb you.”

Dahlia nodded slightly and prepared to say goodbye and leave.

“Miss Nicolson, wait a minute.”

Dustin suddenly shouted.

“Mr. Dustin, do you have anything to discuss?”

Dahlia turned back, a little curious.

“Miss Nicolson, if you give me a jade plaque, I will also give you a some advise.”

Dustin said solemnly: “The black tiger suddenly went crazy today, it should not be an accident, but someone deliberately caused it.”

“Intentionally caused?” Dahlia frowned slightly: “Why did Mr. Dustin say that?”

“Nameless beast didn’t have any abnormalities before, but after approaching you, he seemed to be stimulated, and suddenly violently hurt people, don’t you think it’s strange?” Dustin asked back.

“It’s really strange, but I still don’t know the reason.” Dahlia shook her head.

She naturally didn’t believe that the black tiger had spirits and could distinguish between good and evil.

Although she is not a beliver, she will never do things that are harmful to nature.

“If I’m not wrong, someone should have tampered with you.” Dustin analyzed.

“What do you mean?” Dahlia was puzzled.


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