Chapter 1532

“The perfume you wear smells bad.”

At this time, Abigail sniffed and spoke abruptly.

“Is it?”

Dahlia smelled it herself and didn’t notice anything strange: “The perfume I use is nothing special. Many people use it.”

“It’s not about the perfume, it’s about someone adding something to your perfume. It’s smell like blood.” Abigail sniffed again and quickly gave the answer.

“That’s right.”

Dustin nodded and agreed: “With ordinary people’s sense of smell, it is difficult to detect the faint smell of blood, but beasts have unique advantages in this regard, and the black tiger should have caught this abnormality.”

“So that’s it.” Dahlia nodded suddenly.

It’s no wonder that as soon as Black Tiger approached, he immediately became beastly. After a long time, someone tampered with her perfume.

“Uncle…I still have a question.”

Abigail tapped her chin with her finger and said thoughtfully: “You said before that the black tiger has a low IQ and has been tamed. If it was just a little smell of blood, it shouldn’t be so violent, right?”

“That’s the crux of the matter.”

Dustin said with a serious face: “What if the bloody smell on Miss Nicolson’s body is Black Tiger’s partner or children?”

“I see!”

Abigail suddenly realized: “Black Tiger smelled the blood of his own kind and mistakenly thought that Miss Nicolson was the murderer of his own kind, so he suddenly went crazy.”

“That’s most likely the case.” Dustin nodded.

If it wasn’t for revenge, Black Tiger wouldn’t be so crazy.

“This poisonous plan to harm people is really clever!”

Abigail marveled: “First, the black tiger was used as a gift, and then rumors were used to spread dirt, and then the smell of blood was used to identify the key target. If Miss Nicolson was really killed, not only would her sacrifice be in vain, but she would also have to suffer infamy and suspicion. This calculation is absolutely perfect!”

Hearing this, Dahlia frowned deeply and looked a little ugly.

If the two people in front of her didn’t misjudge, then she had already guessed who was behind the scenes.

Looking at the entire Montgomery Palace, there is only Mark Montgomery who is so bold and has this ability!

It’s just that she doesn’t understand why the other party would do this?

The two had no grievances or enmities, so why did they kill her?

“Miss Nicolson, I believe you already know who the murderer is. You must be careful in the coming days.” Dustin reminded seriously.

A decisive person like Mark Montgomery will not give up easily once he decides what to do.

Although he failed today, he will definitely look for opportunities to take action in the future.

Even though Dahlia was protected by Prince Eugene Montgomery, she was still just a little sheep in front of Mark Montgomery, who was at the height of his power.

“Thank you, Mr. Dustin, for reminding me. I will always be vigilant.” Dahlia nodded.

Dustin hesitated for a while, and finally took out a business card, handed it over, and said, “Miss Nicolson, if you encounter any danger, you can call this number, it should be able to help you.”


Dahlia smiled lightly and did not refuse.

Being able to suppress the Black Tiger easily means that the person in front of her is obviously not simple. If she can make good friends with him, it will be a big help.

While several people were talking quietly, the door of the lounge was suddenly pushed open.

Immediately afterwards, Mark Montgomery walked in with a group of guards with a gloomy expression.

“When the show stops, everyone gets up!”

“Montgomery Palace was robbed just now, I want to conduct a search!”

Mark Montgomery spoke loudly, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.


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