Chapter 1536

“Maximus, did you smell anything?”

At this time, Dr. Elijah seemed to notice something and suddenly sniffed.

“You mean, the smell of medicine?”

Maximus tilted his head and said doubtfully: “It’s always been there, what’s wrong?”

“This time is different, a little special.”

Dr. Elijah came to the door, squatted down, and began to smell the smell coming from the crack in the door.

He has been working with medicinal materials all year round, and he can distinguish any slight abnormalities.


Suddenly, the closed door opened.

Just as Dustin was about to go out, he saw Dr. Elijah squatting on the ground with a strange posture. He asked curiously: “Dr. Elijah, what’s wrong with you? Stomach pain?”

“Ah this…”

Dr. Elijah smiled awkwardly, then reacted immediately and asked: “Dustin, how are you? Have you successfully refined the Bone Cleansing Pill?”


Dustin sighed softly, showing a look of regret.

Seeing this scene, Dr. Elijah froze, his face turned pale, and he said in a trembling voice: “Failed…failed?”

It’s over, it’s over, the refining of the Bone Cleansing Pill failed, and all the elixirs were destroyed.

Lorenzo, gods is hard on you!

“It’s not a failure. I just planned to refine a top-quality Bone Cleansing Pill, but unexpectedly, I only produced a top-grade one, which is slightly inferior in quality.” Dustin shook his head.


The corner of Dr. Elijah’s mouth twitched, but his heart was roaring.

Is this the time to pursue quality?

As long as it can be done, why bother so much?

Also, could you please stop acting so depressed?

I’m old and can’t stand your jokes!

“So…you have successfully refined it?” Dr. Elijah asked tentatively.

“Of course, I won’t do anything I’m not sure about.”

Dustin smiled and nodded, and at the same time took out the blue Bone-cleansing pill.

Dr. Elijah took it and took a look, and couldn’t help but be ecstatic: “It’s great, great! Mr. Lorenzo is finally saved!”

Dustin refined alchemy all day and night, and he also waited outside all day and night.

The heart that was hanging now finally fell down.

“Dr. Elijah, without further ado, let’s give Uncle Lorenzo some medicine first.” Dustin reminded.

“Oh, yes, yes, it’s important to save lives!”

Dr. Elijah did not dare to hesitate. He held the Bone Cleansing Pill in both hands and ran all the way into Lorenzo’s bedroom.

At this moment, Lorenzo was still the same as before, skinny as wood, face as white as paper, breathing weakly, looking like a dead person.

“Dustin, are there any steps in taking Bone Cleansing Pill?” Dr. Elijah asked suddenly.

“No, just put it in his mouth.” Dustin said.

“Okay, okay.”

Dr. Elijah carefully opened Lorenzo’s mouth, and then gently put the Bone Cleansing Pill in.

The Bone Cleansing Pill melted in his mouth, and wisps of blue medicinal liquid flowed down Lorenzo’s throat and into his body little by little.

The mild medicinal properties began to slowly repair Lorenzo’s damaged meridians.

Starting from the heart, to the internal organs, and then to the bones, skin and flesh.

After being baptized by Bone Cleansing Pill, Lorenzo’s body was slowly blooming with vitality.

It’s like spring on a dead tree.

Several people could clearly see that Lorenzo’s pale face was gradually returning to rosy, and his breathing became stronger.

A trace of turbidity and dirt is emitted through every pore of the body.

Half a day later.

Lorenzo, who had been sleeping for ten years, finally slowly opened his eyes!


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