Chapter 1538

“Uncle Lorenzo, what are you doing? Get up!”

Dustin quickly squatted down and helped Lorenzo who was kneeling on the ground.

“Your Highness, it’s a humble and incompetent person who failed to protect the Princess and protect you well, please punish me!” Lorenzo burst into tears.

“Uncle Lorenzo, what are you talking about? If you hadn’t fought to the death, how would I still be alive?” Dustin comforted.

“All the brothers in security team are dead, and I am the only one who is still alive. I am ashamed of the prince, the princess, and everyone!” Lorenzo’s voice choked up.

“Uncle Lorenzo, you don’t need to blame yourself. You have tried your best. I am very happy to see that you are still alive. It was me who hurt you. Everything is my fault. If it weren’t for me, would you have been in coma for ten years? What if? It’s not because of me, the brothers of security team, and I will not sacrifice in vain, but I want to say sorry to you.” Dustin’s eyes turned red.

The memory of that year is still vivid in his mind.

He saw with his own eyes that his relatives, friends and guards fell in a pool of blood one by one in order to protect him.

Heroic and decisive.

He still dare not forget everyone’s name and appearance.

“Your Highness is the king, and we are ministers. It is natural for a minister to die for the king. As long as His Highness is still alive, those brothers who sacrificed their lives will not be in vain.” Lorenzo kept wiping his tears.

“What monarchs and ministers are, it’s all bullshit. You are all my relatives and friends. No one should sacrifice their lives for me. I owe you.” Dustin looked guilty.

“With His Highness’s words, the sacrificed brothers should be able to smile at Heaven.” Lorenzo cried and laughed.

Even though the two haven’t seen each other for ten years, and the changes have been great, the love between them has never changed.

“Uncle Lorenzo, although it is a bit inappropriate now, I still want to ask you, what happened back then? Who is the real mastermind?” Dustin’s face became serious.


Hearing this, Lorenzo suddenly hesitated and sighed after a while: “Your Highness, forget about what happened back then. Don’t pursue it any further. As long as you are alive and well, it is more important than anything else.”

“Uncle Lorenzo, my mother was killed, and so many brothers and sisters died trying to save me. I can’t just pretend this never happened. No matter what, I will get to the bottom of it!” Dustin’s eyes were firm.

The hatred of killing one’s mother and killing one’s friends is irreconcilable.

“Your Highness, some things are not as simple as you think, even the prince has already stopped, why are you bothering?” Lorenzo looked complicated.

“Rufus Rhys is Rufus Rhys, and I am me; he has scruples, but I don’t; he dares not take revenge, but I dare!”

Dustin looked determined: “I still say the same thing, no matter who is the murderer, no matter how powerful he is, even today, I will make him pay the price!”

As soon as these words came out, Dr. Elijah and Maximus who were beside them were stunned.

Is that too cruel?

Even the emperor dared to challenge him. Could it be that the other party wanted to make the entire Dragonmarsh Kingdom an enemy?

“Your Highness…”

Lorenzo clenched his fists with a troubled expression on his face.

He didn’t know whether he should say it or not. With the character of the person in front of him, he would definitely be in danger if he continued to investigate.

The water here is too deep.

Even the powerful King of West Lucozia was forced to swallow his anger, let alone the now powerless Logan Rhys?

“Uncle Lorenzo, you don’t have to worry, just speak.”

Dustin said seriously: “Of course, if you really don’t want to tell me, I won’t force you, but I will keep investigating and never give up!”


Hearing this, Lorenzo couldn’t help but sigh, and finally compromised: “Since His Highness wants to know so much, I won’t hide it. I just hope you won’t act impulsively.”

“I understand. If I’m not sure, I won’t act rashly.” Dustin nodded.

“Actually, I don’t know much about what happened back then, but there is someone who must know the inside story.”

“Oh? Who is it?”

“Lucy Norris!”


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