Chapter 1539

“Lucy Norris?”

Hearing the name, Dustin frowned slightly: “It sounds familiar, what’s the origin?”

“Your Highness may not be familiar with Lucy Norris, but you must know prince of wales.” Lorenzo said with a serious face.

“It turns out it’s him!” Dustin’s pupils shrank.

prince of wales is the younger brother of the current emperor, and among the many relatives of the emperor, he is considered outstanding.

Ten years ago, he was still a talented person.

But later, for unknown reasons, prince of wales suddenly retired, and his whereabouts are still unknown. No one knows where he went.

“Uncle Lorenzo, do you mean that the assassination incident back then was related to prince of wales?” Dustin asked.

“I dare not say that there is a direct relationship, but the prince of wales must be an insider.” Lorenzo said.

“Oh? Why do you say that?” Dustin narrowed his eyes.

“The prince of wales has a very close friendship with your father. When we were attacked outside the Forbidden City, we immediately asked for help from the prince of wales, but we didn’t get any response.”

Lorenzo said with a complex expression: “Afterwards, the prince of wales chose to go into seclusion and stopped interfering with the affairs of the court. It is obvious that he was avoiding something.”

“This is indeed suspicious, but the reason is not sufficient.” Dustin shook his head.

Behind this incident, there may be the shadow of imperial power, but with the power of prince of wales, it is obviously not possible to do this.

“Actually, before the incident happened, the prince noticed a clue and investigated it secretly.”

“He also specifically told us to be careful and not to trust anyone, not even prince of wales.”

“Because the lord found out that the prince of wales behaved abnormally in the past few days, he didn’t need to go back to the past, but because he was only suspicious and there was no substantive evidence, the lord only stepped up his precautions and did not take any extraordinary actions.”

“However, none of us expected that the black hand behind the scenes was so powerful. Not only did they plant traitors around the prince, but they also sent the prince to the border temporarily by falsely passing on military orders.”

“By the time the prince reacts, it will be too late. Your Highness should know about the follow-up.”

“The reason why I said there is something wrong with prince of wales is not because I guessed randomly, but because from the very beginning, the prince suspected that he had fallen in love with this old friend.”

“Your Highness, that’s all I know.”

Lorenzo did not hide anything and told what happened in detail.

After listening, Dustin’s face became a little gloomy.

As Lorenzo said, prince of wales may not be the real murderer, but he definitely knows something.

As long as you find prince of wales, you can find out the truth about that year.

“Uncle Lorenzo, do you know where prince of wales is hiding?” Dustin asked.

“I have been in a coma for ten years. I only remember some things from that year. I have no idea what happened next.” Lorenzo shook his head.

“Who saved you back then? How did you come to Healwell Clinic? Do you remember?” Dustin asked again.

“I don’t know the identity of the person who saved me. I only know that he is Mr. Whitaker and I don’t know anything else.” Lorenzo shook his head again.

“Where’s Dr. Elijah? Do you know this Mr. Whitaker?” Dustin suddenly turned his head.

“To be honest, for the past ten years, Mr. Whitaker has appeared once a year to ask me about Mr. Lorenzo, but every time we meet, Mr. Whitaker wears a mask and does not show his true face.” Dr. Elijah said truthfully.

“It seems that Mr. Whitaker is also a key figure.” Dustin began to think deeply.

There are two clues now, one is wales prince Owain Gwynedd, and the other is the mysterious Mr. Whitaker.

Mr. Whitaker put aside the fact that the other party was willing to help Lorenzo, so he should not be an enemy.


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