Chapter 1542

Chapter 1542​

As soon as Dustin got out of the car, he was blocked by two men with flower arms at the gate of the temple.

“Keep your appointment.”

Dustin spoke coldly.

“Search yourself first!”

The two men with flowery arms couldn’t help but started groping around on Dustin’s body.

Dustin didn’t resist, and stood still very cooperatively.

Before Hazel’s safety is confirmed, it is not appropriate to act rashly.

“Okay, let’s go in.”

The two flower-armed men searched for a while, and after confirming that Dustin was not carrying a weapon, they gave way to the road.

Dustin said nothing and walked straight into Guan Gong Temple.

At this moment, inside Guan Gong Temple.

A middle-aged man with a shirtless upper body, big arms and a full beard, was leading a group of younger brothers, happily eating roasted whole lamb.

The table is also filled with all kinds of fine wines.

A group of people ate meat and drank heavily, looking very chic and at ease.

On one side of the corner, Hazel was blindfolded and tied tightly to the stone pillar.

Its hot body becomes more s*xy and attractive after being outlined by ropes.

The eyes of a group of gang members glowed, ready to move.

“Boss, this girl is really hot, my little brother has already raised his head, can you let me have a good time first?”

A bald man was digging out his crotch, with a wicked smile on his face, his eyes kept looking at Hazel’s plumpness.

“I haven’t even enjoyed it yet, are you in a hurry?” the bearded man said angrily.

“Boss, aren’t I anxious? I haven’t vented my anger for a long time. As long as you let me have fun first, I will hand over all the commissions this time!” the bald man said impatiently.

“Oh? Seriously?” The bearded man raised his eyebrows.

This meat ticket is worth a lot of money, and the price offered by the benefactor is also very generous.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands are distributed to each brother.

Spending hundreds of thousands on a woman, this guy is really willing to spend his money.

“Seriously! With so many brothers here, how can I go back on my word?” The bald man scratched his crotch again, looking very anxious.

It would be rare for him to meet such a top-notch beauty in his life.

Not to mention spending some money, he would be willing to do it even if it cost him half his life.

“Okay, you look like you’ve been holding it in for a long time, so I’ll let you play with it first, but remember, don’t damage it. I can sell it for a good price afterwards.” The bearded man warned.

“no problem!”

The bald man smiled evilly and quickly walked towards Hazel.

As he walked, he was taking off his clothes anxiously, and he quickly took off all his clothes.

“Beauty, here I come!”

The bald man raised his head and rushed forward excitedly.

I saw him grabbing Hazel’s skirt and pulling hard.


Most of the long skirt was torn off, revealing two white thighs and looming lace panties.

“What are you doing? Stop it!”

Hazel, whose face was covered, panicked and threatened repeatedly: “I am a member of the Lancaster Family. If you dare to mess around, the Lancaster Family will never let it go!”

“Hehe… let alone the Lancaster Family, even if you are the daughter of a wealthy family, I will still take your photo today!”

The bald man became even more excited, and violently tore Hazel’s clothes with his hands.

Seeing that it was almost done, he was about to take a step further.


A white light suddenly flashed, and the bald man felt a chill down below.

When he looked down, he was stunned on the spot.

Because he discovered that his little brother had fallen to the ground at some point!


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