Chapter 1543

Chapter 1543​


Looking at the gadget that fell to the ground, and then at his cold crotch, the bald man was stunned.

His eyes widened and he couldn’t believe it.

What just happened? Why did my chicken break?


After a brief moment of daze, the bald man immediately let out a shrill scream.

His legs were weak and he collapsed to the ground, with blood flowing down his lower body. It was too horrible to see.

“Ah! My chicken! My chicken!”

The bald man howled in pain and rolled on the ground.

The sudden movement startled everyone.

“Second brother! What’s going on?!”

The bearded man immediately stood up and asked.

“My chicken is gone! Someone cut off my chicken!”

The bald man wailed as he picked up his bloody little brother from the ground and raised it above his head as a display.

“****! Who did this? How dare you hurt my brother Kun? Get out of here!”

The bearded man stared and looked around.

The other boys also drew their knives and started to be on guard.

“it’s me.”

Dustin slowly walked into the temple door with a cold face.

There were about twenty or thirty people gathered inside the temple, all of them gang members who were robbing homes and houses.

Because he can’t live in the city, he can only dominate in the slums.

“Boy! Are you just Dustin?”

The bearded man looked him up and down.

The sponsor had given him a photo before, so he could identify him quickly.

“That’s right.”

Dustin glanced left and right, and said coldly: “Who are you? How dare you kidnap Miss Lancaster?”

“To tell you the truth, I am the leader of the Black Bear Gang, and these are my brothers!”

The bearded man said sharply: “Someone bought your life with a lot of money, today, you must die here!”

“Who ordered you to do this?” Dustin asked.

“Want to know?” The bearded man sneered, “I’ll tell you after you die!”

“I’m giving you a chance. As long as you confess who is behind the scenes, I can spare your life.” Dustin looked indifferent.

“Spare our lives?”

The bearded man looked around and couldn’t help laughing: “Boy, do you have a brain problem? You are only one person, and there are twenty or thirty of us. How can you fight with us?”

Lengtouqing, who doesn’t know how to live or die, really thinks that our Black Bear Gang is vegetarian?”

The rest of the younger brothers also sneered, looking like idiots.

The Black Bear Gang is definitely one of the top three gangs in the slums.

There are more than a hundred members in the gang. Although they did not come out in full force today, the ones sent out are basically elites.

Plus this is their territory, isn’t it easy to deal with a brat?

“So, you don’t want to say anything?” Dustin’s eyes grew colder.

“Say you have paralysis! Let me chop him to death!” The bearded man waved his hand and gave the order directly.

He knows one thing very well, the villain dies because of talking too much, if he can do it, he will never force him.


Without saying a word, the members of the Black Bear Gang drew their swords and rushed forward.

“Seek death!”

Dustin snorted coldly, no longer showing mercy.

He raised his hand, and a half-moon-shaped white sword light slashed out in an instant.


The white light was like a death’s scythe, directly penetrating the bodies of all the Black Bear Gang disciples with lightning speed.


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