Chapter 1549

Chapter 1549​

Listening to Hazel’s journey, Dustin couldn’t help but sigh.

Although some daughters of famous nobles enjoy generous treatment, they also have to provide corresponding value to the family.

Either she has outstanding abilities and can continue to earn benefits for the family; or she is as beautiful as a flower and can provide certain benefits to the family through marriage.

As for a woman like Hazel, who is not only beautiful but also very outstanding, she is an important step for the family to climb up.

Therefore, she couldn’t make the decision on her own when it came to her marriage. The whole family was counting on her, and she was shouldering the burden of the entire family.

Now, Dustin finally understood why Hazel would tarnish her reputation and be willing to be criticized.

In the final analysis, there are no other options, and we are forced to do nothing.

“Here, drink.”

Dustin didn’t say much, and raised his glass to invite.


Hazel smiled, touched it lightly, and drank the remaining beer in one gulp.

Then, she opened two more cans, one for herself and one for Dustin.

“Actually, I am very lucky to meet you. You helped me and gave me the opportunity to choose.”

Hazel said with a smile: “Since Jade Dew Ointment became a hit, my current status in the family has increased. Those elders finally stopped forcing me to marry. They feel that I have the ability to build the Lancaster Family into the Yan family.” A wealthy family in Stonia. As long as I can do this, I will have the final say over the entire Lancaster Family from now on!”

“Really? Congratulations then.” Dustin smiled.

“I didn’t expect to be able to control my own destiny one day. I can only say that you are my lucky star.” Hazel said with a smile.

“We make each other successful.” Dustin did not take any credit.

“Little handsome boy, you now understand who I am. Do you want to consider becoming my boyfriend? I think we two will get along very well.” Hazel said suddenly.

Her beautiful eyes looked straight at Dustin, with a bit of expectation and a bit of nervousness.

Although he usually talks a lot, this is the first time he confesses his love in such a serious way like today.


Dustin’s smile froze and he said awkwardly: “Miss Lancaster, you are a very good girl, but I already have a fiancée, so let’s just be friends.”

If you continue to break up, you will be subject to chaos. Some things should be made clear in advance to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

“Pfft…I’m just teasing you, don’t be so serious.”

Hazel chuckled, but a hint of disappointment flashed in her eyes.

She could deceive others, but she couldn’t deceive her own heart. She really fell in love with this mysterious and excellent man.

But it’s a pity that the other party already has his heart.

The two are destined to be together.

“It turned out to be a joke, it scared me.”

Dustin raised his head and took a sip to calm down his shock.

“By the way, what does your fiancée look like? When will you introduce her to me? Maybe we can be good sisters.” Hazel smiled.

“You have already seen the last company opening ceremony.” Dustin said.

“Have you met? Who?” Hazel looked puzzled.

Natasha.” Dustin didn’t hide it.

“What?” Hazel was startled: “You mean, your fiancée is Duke of Duncan’s granddaughter?!”

“That’s right.” Dustin nodded.

Now that the matter has come to an end, he no longer intends to hide it. He will confess when he needs to.

“No wonder… no wonder there were so many big names showing up on the opening day. It turned out to be all because of Miss Natasha.”

Hazel soon realized, with a face full of surprise: “I really didn’t expect that your fiancée was actually her.”

While she was shocked, she also felt a little strange.

At first, she wondered what kind of woman could make Dustin so obsessed with her.

Now that she knew it was Natasha, she was immediately relieved.

Natasha is a beauty who ranks at the top of the rouge list. No matter in appearance, body or temperament, she must be superior to her.


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