Chapter 1551

Chapter 1551​

Miss Lancaster, don’t move around. Be careful that bullets don’t have eyes.”

An indifferent voice sounded from behind, Hazel looked back subconsciously, and happened to meet the black muzzle of the gun and a fierce face.

“Who are you? How dare you run wild in the Lancaster Family?!” Hazel shouted sharply.

Miss Lancaster, don’t be so angry, we are just following orders.” The man with the gun said calmly.

“By order? Whose order?” Hazel asked.

“On my orders, of course.”

At this time, outside the meeting hall, a thin man wearing a suit and a mean face suddenly walked in.

It was Gary Montgomery from the Montgomery Family!

“It’s you?!”

After seeing the person coming, Hazel’s expression immediately changed.

She had just escaped from danger and escaped from the slum not long ago, but she didn’t expect Gary Montgomery to come to the door so quickly.

Miss Lancaster, we meet again.”

Gary Montgomery walked forward with a smile, stretched out his fingers, picked up Hazel’s chin, and praised, “She is indeed a great beauty. I can’t help but be moved.”

Young Master Montgomery, I have no grievances with you, why are you so aggressive?” Hazel frowned.

“No injustice or enmity?”

Gary Montgomery smiled: “You make a lot of money selling Jade Dew Ointment, but you refuse to cooperate with me. Is this considered a holiday?”

Young Master Montgomery, if it’s a business matter, we can discuss it carefully, so why would we be unhappy?” Hazel tried to calm the other party.

“What’s business? It’s just making less money. What I really care about is that you made me lose face on the opening day!”

At this point, Gary Montgomery’s face suddenly turned fierce: “I am a dignified young master of the Montgomery Family, but I was treated like a dog by you and suffered all the humiliation. If I don’t avenge this revenge, I will be a useless person!”

Young Master MontgomeryMiss Nicolson has promised not to pursue this matter again. Don’t you even want to give her face?” Hazel frowned.


Gary Montgomery sneered: “Before, she was the chief housekeeper of Montgomery Palace, and she was highly valued by her adoptive father. I was really afraid of her, but unfortunately, she is now in trouble and can’t care about you people at all. So, your current fate, It’s all in my hands.”

Young Master Montgomery, this matter has nothing to do with our Lancaster Family. It was all done by that boy Dustin. Every wrong is his fault and his debt is his fault. If you want to find trouble, just find him. It has nothing to do with us!” Fourth Uncle Lancaster prayed humbly.

“Yes, Master Montgomery, we are all innocent, will you let us go?” The other members of the Lancaster Family begged for mercy.

The Lancaster Family is just a second-rate family, not even a wealthy family, let alone a royal family like the Montgomery Family.

With Gary Montgomery’s identity, it would not be difficult to destroy their family with a little manipulation.

“Don’t worry, I will settle Dustin’s account with him. Now, let’s deal with the matters between us first.”

Gary Montgomery walked to the main seat and sat down, leaning back in a comfortable position, just like a cat playing with a mouse.

Master Montgomery, what do you want?” Hazel asked in a deep voice.

“Originally, I wanted to use the Black Bear Gang to quietly deal with Dustin, but I seem to have underestimated him a little.”

“Being able to easily kill all the elites of the Black Bear Gang, I have to say, he does have something.”

“So now, I have to be more serious and treat him as a strong enemy.”

“Of course, in order to avoid alerting the enemy, I need your help.”

“As long as you do things beautifully for me, we will be friends from now on, how about it?” Gary Montgomery said with a smile.


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